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We offer a complete solution with both conference rooms, foods, and technical equipment. It’s possible to book conferences on half- or full-day basis and on an hourly basis, of course! If you book your next conference in our different and dynamic environment, it will certainly contribute to a more creative and inspiring meeting.

We love to help plan your meeting!

Are you interested in trying out a participant-driven meeting? We have lots of experience in hosting unconferences and Open Space conferences. And we know that different rooms bring different energies to a meeting – that some meeting requires one setting and another meeting something completely different. Ask us or take a look at the different venues below.

Close to Helsingborg central station, located in the old Tretorn factory

6 minutes walk from the central train station and you’ll see the big white stairs of Mindpark Helsingborg. We are located in the old and charming Tretorn Factory. Today the factory is a vibrant business centre with a lot of companies within tech and science alongside Lund University Campus Helsingborg. If driving is a better option for you, there are parking possibilities nearby.

Info about our conference and meeting rooms in Swedish.

Lunch, fika, snacks?

Breakfast, healthy snacks or a buffet? We serve fairtrade coffee and vegetarian food as standard. We’ll happily help you to customize your needs!

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