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At Mindpark we value the spirit of community and creativity. The companies here are amongst the top in their respective fields – such as IT, (Mindpark Tech) communication services, graphic design, legal advice, life science or groundbreaking startups. We have over 2.500 sqm of offices and desks, for both smaller companies as well as one-man businesses and entrepreneurs.

Commuter friendly

Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old factory of Tretorn, very close to Lunds Universitet, Campus Helsingborg. We are within walking distance of the city centre of Helsingborg and the central train station. It is also very easy to get to us by car and there are, of course, parking lots nearby.

Our community

At Mindpark we are all part of a community. Mindpark arrange lunch lectures, breakfasts, lunches and after-works. We would almost do anything to broaden our coworkers network and knowledge! Do you wish to become a part of the Mindpark coworking community? Just contact us for more information!

Office spaces

We offer a wide range of different office spaces depending on your needs. Check below to see a full listing of our various types of office spaces. Each and every space includes electricity, internet etc.

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Small Offices

Office for 1-3 people? One of our greatest asset is that we have a lot of small…

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Big Offices

A couple of our offices are suitable for larger companies, with room for up to 10 people.…

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Fixed Desk

With a fixed desk, you have a private desk in our coworking space. This means that you…

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Flex Desk

With a flexible desk you get the ability to change where you are seated from day to day,…

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If you get a membership at Mindpark, you are provided with a discount card that gives you…

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Mindpark GO

Are you just in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? Sitting at home after you finished your…

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Temporary Project Office

Boost the creativity with a project office For bigger projects that extend over a limited time,  there…

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