We’re a creative coworking, conference and event space in the Øresund region, home to numerous small and big companies, great events and inspiring meetings.

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We are so happy to have you here! Come work with us at our coworking space, have a meeting in one of our different conference room, host a really cool event or just chill in our café with a really good cup of coffee! Don´t be a stranger!

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At our coworking space you can focus on your work, we will handle everything else. Meet inspiring people and companies and share ideas. And guess what? The great coffee in our café is free for tenants.

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Or do you perhaps need a venue for your conference?

We place great emphasis on offering conferences in Helsingborg that are a little out of the ordinary. We want you to have meetings in a functional, great and inspiring environment. A combination that we believe leads to better results!

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Startup Communications Event

- How to communicate in the world of Startups. If you are interested in communications and fast-moving companies - this is an event for you! With a panel of communications experts from different organisations active in the startup scene in Helsingborg and a part of the startup system in the whole region, we will try to break down how the communication activities manifest. Startup Communications breakfast is a joint event between Think Accelerator, SoPact, Øresund Startups, Think Open Space, VentureLab and Campus Webbyrå. We hope to see you there!

På Tapeten AW

✨ It's Friday! ✨ Which means it's the end of the week and the start of the weekend. So, why don't you end your week/ start your weekend stopping by Bredgatan.11 and grab a cold one in company with other great people! Share stories, talk about something buzzy and just relax together. If you want to learn more about VR/AR, check-out the workshop we are organising together with Jayway before the After Work. https://www.facebook.com/events/1979804008971102/. We really hope to see you there! (Don't forget to sign-up) 💛 from us at Mindpark

Every week! StartupLabs

From 8:00-17:00 every weekday! StartupLabs is a: --> Meeting point for very early stage startups. --> For people to join an accelerator after spending some time in the StartupLabs --> Meet with other entrepreneurs and get to know the community. (This is a collaboration between THINK Accelerate, SoPact, VentureLab, THINK Open Space and NyföretagarCentrum)

ELSWHERE: Inspofika - ett Helsingborg tillsammans

InspoFika har alltid handlat om att "connecta" människor med varandra genom att skapa inspirerande evenemang och plattformar som i sin tur skapar livsförändrande möten. Det finns många dynamiska nätverk där alla har sina olika områden och expertiser. Kraften i ett nätverk är enorm, vad kan då hända om vi slår ihop alla våra nätverk tillsammans. Ett öppet evenemang där vi bjuder in de nätverk som kan närvara och kör en stor mashup.Varmt välkommen till Ett Helsingborg Tillsammans!

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