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Mindpark offers flexible office solutions in Skåne and Gothenburg. Our workspaces are situated at great locations with easy access to public transportation and everything else that makes it easier for you and your team. We take care of all services, and this is of course included in the price. You can easily scale up and down based on your needs. When you rent an office at Mindpark, you also get access to all our locations. Below you will find all the locations where you can rent an office with us at Mindpark. If you want to read about our coworking options in the form of desks and lounge spaces, you can find it here.

A few minutes walk from Hyllie train station you'll find us. We offer flexible office solutions with both small and large rooms. Modern premisses and all practical services are included. Perfect for those who want an office at a really great location with good public transportation and parking facilities. In addition to that, you'll be located in the middle of the bubbling and growing business district Hyllie in the Öresund region.

Just behind Malmö central station, in Slagthuset, you will find us. At Mindpark Malmö you find flexible office solutions and fantastic views of the harbor. This makes us the perfect option if you want an office in central Malmö. We accommodate everything from freelancers and small businesses to larger international companies. Full service, furniture and everything practical is of course included when you rent an office at Mindpark.

Mindpark Lund is just a few steps away from Lund central station. A bubbling workspace with different options for everyone from freelancers and smaller companies to larger international companies. It does not get more central in Lund than this and you will be surrounded by companies that are at the forefront of their industry. In addition, you become part of a strong community that provides both social and business benefits.

Mindpark Helsingborg is located near the train station and campus. When you rent an office here you will naturally become part of an inspiring and creative environment with researchers, students and a wide range of companies. There is always something going on here – lectures, network meetings, mingles and even Pecha Kucha nights. A 5-minute walk to the train and parking facilities on the other side of the street makes it easy and convenient to get to the office.

Mindpark Järntorget is located right next to Järntorget, in the new Masthuggskajen neighbourhood. Here we offer flexible office solutions for all, whether you are looking for a small office for 1-2 people or larger offices for the whole team. The offices are rented furnished and all service is included. If you want an office where there's always something interesting going on, Mindpark Järntorget is the obvious choice. Our large community is of course included.

Location, location, location! You'll find us just a 5-minute walk from Gothenburg central station – it doesn't get more central than that. At Mindpark Göteborg city we have offices in various sizes, which means we can customize an offer based on your needs and the size of your team. View of the harbor and full service makes Mindpark Gothenburg city the perfect option if you want an office in central Gothenburg and at the same time be part of a community that provides valuable contacts.

"Mindpark in Lund is the ultimate workplace for me as a small business owner. Interesting people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds work here and there is always someone to bounce ideas with or just talk about the weekend. Productivity and socializing go hand in hand in a way that really makes a difference in my work. In other words, a great place to work!"

Hugo, Sellerberg Productions

"A wonderful place for me who only needs an office sometimes, but always a community. When creativity is lacking, you can just slip downstairs, have a cup of coffee and immediately have access to an ocean of new perspectives. Nice premises, great staff and a great Friday "fika". There is nothing better than a micro break with Amanda and an ice cold Ramlösa."

Alexandra, freelance journalist

"Discussions about everything from banana trees to vacuum cleaners, restaurant tips or flaws in the criminal code. You never know what to expect. You always have someone to have an ice cream in the sun with and there is a great responsiveness to the needs of companies or coworkers. It is service, and beyond!"

Frank, Hedonix

Here’s why you should choose Mindpark!

So why should you choose Mindpark? Because we're not an office space like any other. We don't just offer a place to work - we offer a place to grow. With us you get a people-centered environment, the best possible service, flexible office solutions, countless opportunities for meetings and events, a strong community and a wide network that provides a professional, relaxed and joyful atmosphere. This is what our coworkers highlight as the very best things about Mindpark.

Flexible office solutions

Mindpark has offices in various sizes - you can scale up and down as you and your business develops. With us, renting an office is simple and easy. Short notice periods, everything practical included and last but not least full service from our awesome team. We make sure that everything related to your physical workplace runs smoothly so you can focus on doing your thing.

Access to all our workspaces

Mindpark has several workspaces in Skåne and Gothenburg. Always at the best location in relation to public transport. We are located where the environment itself presents opportunities where we and our coworkers benefit from and can become an important part of the business community. As a coworker at any of our workspaces you have access to all of our other locations.

Community and network

For us, a workplace is so much more than walls and ceilings. It's the people that really create value. Our community is one of the largest in southern Sweden, which provides new opportunities and contacts for everyone who is part of it. Our community is a constant source of new meetings, ideas and thoughts and we put a lot of effort and love on nurturing and developing our network. 

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Curious about Mindpark? You can of course read about us here, but the good stuff that makes Mindpark the friendliest workspace and community in southern Sweden is best experienced live. 

Hit the button below and we will book a coffee and show you why you should choose Mindpark.

Always included at Mindpark

At Mindpark, a workplace doesn't just mean a great physical workplace – the actual content is of great importance to us. More specifically the community and service. Here’s what’s always included at Mindpark. Further down you can see the specifics of what is included in our different office and desk options. 


As a coworker at Mindpark, you are part of one of southern Sweden's largest communities of people from all industries and fields. A constant source of new ideas, meetings and business opportunities.

Full service

All the practicalities such as cleaning, printers, alarm, wifi and reception services are included. Last but not least, our awesome team provides full service so you can focus on what you do best. 

All locations

Mindpark has great locations in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Gothenburg. As a coworker, you get access to all our locations. Perfect when you want a change of scenery or need to take a meeting elsewhere.

Coffee and tea

What would working be without coffee and tea? Not half the fun! At Mindpark you get as much coffee and tea as you can handle. And we love to have a cup together – after all, the good stuff happens over a cup.


Office Fix desk Flex desk  Stamp card Lounge
Meeting and conferens room  
Reception service    
Access 24/7      
Coworking breakfast  
Community Friday  
Mail and delivery service    




  • Meeting and conferens room
  • Reception service
  • Access
  • Coworking breakfast
  • Communityfredag
  • Post- och Pakethantering
  • Address
Fix Desk
  • Meeting and conferens room
  • Reception service
  • Access
  • Coworking breakfast
  • Communityfredag
  • Post- och Pakethantering
  • Address
Skrivbord flex
  • Meeting and conferens room
  • Reception service
  • Coworking breakfast
  • Communityfredag
  • Post- och Pakethantering
  • Address
  • Access 24/7
Stamp card
  • Meeting and conferens room
  • Coworking breakfast
  • Communityfredag

Coffee, fika and lunch

No working day without coffee and fika! At Mindpark in Malmö, Helsingborg and Gothenburg we have a café area where we offer coffee, drinks, sandwiches, and light lunches. Our cafés are also a great place to work from if you need a workplace for the day. Mindpark in Lund offers coffee, tea, simple snacks and drinks – if you get hungry, the city's lunch restaurants are just around the corner. In other words, there is everything for a good day at work when you are a coworker with us.