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Welcome to Mindpark Lund – right in the heart of the city! There are 4 different meeting rooms and we can accommodate up to 35 people. Mindpark Lund is a bubbling workspace where you as a meeting and conference customer come close to our creative and inspiring environment. As always at Mindpark, service is in focus and our team ensures that your experience is the best possible. Location, service and the space itself make Mindpark Lund the perfect place for meetings and conferences. Book and experience the difference!

Sky is the limit
1–35 people

The perfect meeting room! Airy, flexible furniture, lots of light and all technical equipment. A room where you can host all kinds of meetings and workshops.

Full day 4 500 SEK | Half day 2 000 SEK
950 SEK/hour
VAT excluded


1–10 people

A classic conference room for up to 10 people. Here you have plenty of space and everything necessary for a successful meeting. Perfect for both customer meetings and internal meetings.

Full day 3 500 SEK | 425 SEK/hour

VAT excluded


1–4 people

A smaller meeting room that is perfect for digital sessions and meetings. Also perfect for interviews and similar conversations or when you need to work undisturbed.

300 SEK/hour

VAT excluded


Meet up
1–4 people

A smaller meeting room with a personal touch. Perfect if you are planning a small meeting or a conversation. The room has curtains that can be closed.

250 SEK/hour
VAT excluded


Book meeting and conference rooms in central Lund

You can hardly get a better location in Lund than this. In the center of Lund, only a few minutes walk from the central station, you will find Mindpark Lund. A creative, inspiring and bubbling workspace that will give that little extra to your meeting. Our team ensures that your booking goes smoothly and, above all, that you get the best possible experience once on site. Book your meeting or conference at Mindpark Lund today!

Book inspiring conference rooms in Lund

Book inspiring conference rooms in Lund

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Curious about Mindpark? You can of course read about us here, but the good stuff that makes Mindpark the friendliest workspace and community in southern Sweden is best experienced live. 

Hit the button below and we will book a coffee and show you why you should choose Mindpark.

"Large modern premises with a broad technical set-up. The location in Lund is perfect for getting a sense of the city in the meantime. The premises are modern and well adapted for both large and small meetings. It's a big plus that there are lots of telephone booths, so the possibilities for a quick meeting in the middle of the conference are good. And the coffee is great!"


"Mindpark is a creative, exciting and welcoming environment for our conferences. We always get a very good treatment from the staff who meet our needs. The open area is very useful for group discussions and for coffee and lunch. Mindpark in Helsingborg is truly a unique place!"

Anna Rydberg, Familjen Helsingborg

"To be able to fully focus on a specific task and disconnect from daily work, it is very helpful to be offsite sometimes. We usually use Mindpark because it is easy and they arrange everything we need in one place. Nice premises, equipment for presentations and both coffee and lunch."

Timmy Hammenhag, BorgWarnerSweden AB