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Mindpark Workspace

Mindpark was born out of a passion to support the growth of the local business community. We started in 2009 and since then have continuously learned and grown together with our community.

Our philosophy is to focus on the individuals who are part of Mindpark and we strive to create workspaces where our community can flourish and accomplish great things. Our community is our greatest asset and we love to see how it develops and grows.

Our coworkers benefit from each other's skills and networks, creating a vibrant and broad community where we constantly see new ideas, concepts and contacts being established. We simply believe that it is in the interaction between people that the magic happens and at Mindpark you will meet some of the smartest and most interesting people in the region. Something that provides the best possible conditions for both individuals and companies.

Last but not least, we want to go the extra mile to create a great experience for all our employees and guests. We are genuinely committed to creating the best workplaces in Sweden. By caring and sharing, by being flexible and by having fun. We all share the goal of creating and contributing to a playful and inspiring atmosphere - which are also our core values and what gives the lively yet relaxed atmosphere that is Mindpark.

 You’ll find us in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Gothenburg.

Mindpark – we create workspaces where people and bussineses thrive.

Here’s why you should choose Mindpark!

So why should you choose Mindpark? Because we're not an office space like any other. We don't just offer a place to work - we offer a place to grow. With us you get a people-centered environment, the best possible service, flexible office solutions, countless opportunities for meetings and events, a strong community and a wide network that provides a professional, relaxed and joyful atmosphere. This is what our coworkers highlight as the very best things about Mindpark.

Flexible office solutions

Mindpark has offices in various sizes - you can scale up and down as you and your business develops. With us, renting an office is simple and easy. Short notice periods, everything practical included and last but not least full service from our awesome team. We make sure that everything related to your physical workplace runs smoothly so you can focus on doing your thing.

Access to all our workspaces

Mindpark has several workspaces in Skåne and Gothenburg. Always at the best location in relation to public transport. We are located where the environment itself presents opportunities where we and our coworkers benefit from and can become an important part of the business community. As a coworker at any of our workspaces you have access to all of our other locations.

Community and network

For us, a workplace is so much more than walls and ceilings. It's the people that really create value. Our community is one of the largest in southern Sweden, which provides new opportunities and contacts for everyone who is part of it. Our community is a constant source of new meetings, ideas and thoughts and we put a lot of effort and love on nurturing and developing our network. 

"Mindpark in Lund is the ultimate workplace for me as a small business owner. Interesting people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds work here and there is always someone to bounce ideas with or just talk about the weekend. Productivity and socializing go hand in hand in a way that really makes a difference in my work. In other words, a great place to work!"

Hugo, Sellerberg Productions

"A wonderful place for me who only needs an office sometimes, but always a community. When creativity is lacking, you can just slip downstairs, have a cup of coffee and immediately have access to an ocean of new perspectives. Nice premises, great staff and a great Friday "fika". There is nothing better than a micro break with Amanda and an ice cold Ramlösa."

Alexandra, freelance journalist

"Discussions about everything from banana trees to vacuum cleaners, restaurant tips or flaws in the criminal code. You never know what to expect. You always have someone to have an ice cream in the sun with and there is a great responsiveness to the needs of companies or coworkers. It is service, and beyond!"

Frank, Hedonix