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Mindpark – much more than an office space

Mindpark is so much more than just an office space. It is a living, breathing community where people meet, get inspired and create together. Our valuable network extends across different industries and gives our coworkers an unique opportunity to build relationships and develop their business. We regularly organize inspiring events, workshops and seminars to stimulate knowledge sharing and creativity. Our events are designed to create a strong and cohesive community. We believe in creating an environment where ideas can flourish and collaborations can grow. At Mindpark, we pride ourselves on offering more than just an office space – we offer a place where our coworkers can grow, learn from each other and be inspired to great accomplishments. Read more about what it means to be part of the Mindpark community down below – including events, news, articles and, of course, coworking.

Fun things happening at Mindpark!

 Read inspiring news, event updates and interesting articles that give you an insight into our dynamic community.

Branschorganisation & NCMM

Branschorganisation & NCMM

På Mindparks utnyttjar vi varandras kunskap och nätverk. För att leva som vi lär är vi även själva med i en rad olika sammanhang där vi kan lära oss...

Event and community activities at Mindpark

There is always something fun happening at Mindpark! Check out our event calendar to learn more.

Coworking in Skåne and Gothenburg

Welcome to Mindpark coworking – one of southern Sweden's largest communities for those who want a workplace in an inspiring environment with wonderful people. We offer flexible solutions that suit you, whether you want to rent your own desk or use our lounge and café areas. At Mindpark you don't just get a workplace, you also get a whole community. Our large network opens the doors to fantastic colleagues and countless business opportunities. We believe in working together and having fun along the way. Our social and friendly environment gives you not only a place to work, but also an opportunity to make valuable connections. Getting work done has never been easier, at Mindpark you have everything you need within reach – from comfortable seating to that all-important coffee. Become a coworker at Mindpark and get access to new opportunities, happy faces and a great work environment. Welcome to Mindpark, where we combine work with play and create a community that takes your creativity to new heights! If you want to read about our office options, you'll find it here.

Fix desk

With the Fix Desk option, you have access to your own desk in an open space and can leave your things when your done for the day. You have your own tag and can come and go as you please. You can also book meeting rooms for free the same day. If you book in advance, you get a 30% discount.
3 500 SEK/month VAT excluded

Flex desk

Flex desk means that you have access to an open space where our desks are located. You choose a desk that is available that day. You have your own tag and can come and go as you please. You book meeting rooms for free the same day. If you book a meeting room in advance, you get a 30% discount.
2 900 SEK/month VAT excluded

Day pass

Stamp card for day passes means that you purchase a subscription of 10, 25, or 50 clips valid for one year. You can also buy a day pass that is valid for just one day. On checked-in days, you have access to our coworking areas with desks.
1 day 250 SEK VAT excluded
10 stamps 2 250 SEK VAT excluded
25 stamps 5 000 SEK VAT excluded
50 stamps 8 750 SEK VAT excluded

Lounge pass

The lounge pass means that you work in our open spaces and cafes with free Wi-Fi and access to coffee and phone booths. Perfect when you want to leave your home office or just need a change of environment. Lounge areas are available in Helsingborg, Hyllie, and Gothenburg. 
95 SEK/day (pay on-site)
1 500 SEK/month VAT excluded