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We are happy that Mindpark has been selected as the best coworking space in not just Sweden, but in the entire Nordics, by the Nordic Startup Awards.

“As the price is selected by votes, we could not have won this without the support from our coworkers and the community. That Mindpark has recived this award is a sign that we are loved by our members and coworkers, that’s what really warms our hearts!”

Helene Tigerström, CEO

Our focus is on more than coworking. We are building our community on conferences, meetings and events as well. With experience in this area since 2007, we always strive to develop the scene, community and ourselves.

“We think it is the combination of not only being offices and workdesks, but having room for meetings and conferences. As well the Open Space that we do with Helsingborg Stad, which makes us stand out a bit, where we are constantly working to get players from many different directions.”

Karsten Deppert, founder of Mindpark

Read more about the award here and here.