Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old Tretorn factory and home to 75 companies. We have eight inspiring conference rooms, with room for up to 90 people. Open Space Mindpark is host to more than 200 events every year and our café serves delicious coffee. Come visit us!

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We are so happy to have you here! Come work with us at our coworking space, have a meeting in one of our meeting rooms, host a really cool event or just chill in our café with a really good cup of coffee!

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HBG: Photoshop workshop med MediaTricket

MediaTricket välkomnar dig in i Photoshops fantastiska värld! I workshopen får du möjlighet att ta med eget material som du har frågor om. Vi rätar ut frågetecken tillsammans. Cici visar hur du enkelt tar dina foton till en ny nivå. Vill du också bli en vass Photoshoppare, då börjar din resa här. Bakom MediaTricket och denna workshop står Cici Ahlner. Mer info och gratis biljett finner du här. 

HBG: TED at the stairs

We will show your favourite TED Talk's at the stairs Friday afternoons from 11:45 - 14:00. Just show up and sit down for a while!  A TED Talk is around 15 minutes long and they will be looping during one session each. No sound, just text. You find the talks and more info here. 

HBG: Every week! StartupLabs

From 8:00-17:00 every weekday! StartupLabs is a: --> Meeting point for very early stage startups. --> For people to join an accelerator after spending some time in the StartupLabs --> Meet with other entrepreneurs and get to know the community. (This is a collaboration between THINK Accelerate, E-Commerce Park, VentureLab, THINK Open Space and NyföretagarCentrum)

MALMÖ: Intellectual property for Nordic SME's in the Global Trade Wars

Does your company want to stay ahead and stay competitive on a global market? Come and get inspired by this presentation about how to use intellectual property to leapfrog, avoid, secure and stay ahead in the highly competitive global market. More info here and book your ticket.

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