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Open Space

A Creative Meeting Place for Your Ideas

Open Space is a creative meeting spot and test area for all kinds of ideas, open for everyone. We strongly believe that magic happens in the interactions between people, but it’s also the way to new and innovative solutions. Through collaborations with other fantastic initiatives, we aim to build a platform in the city of Helsingborg that contributes to innovation of all its kinds! Here, among a mix of people, everyone is able to test their ideas, innovations and knowledge! The place is constantly changing with the help of various actors’ creative initiatives, exciting lectures and innovative exhibitions. It’s when people meet that magic is created, so come and be a part of it! At Open Space you will find events with startup focus, creative hackathons and local initiatives. We always welcome new approaches and perspectives, the perfect crazy ideas and randomness!

Open Space is made possible with the support of Helsingborg City.

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Cultural & Creative Businesses

When does development, innovation and knowledge sharing really happen? Could it be In the interactions between people? When people with different areas of knowledge, cultures and backgrounds meet to exchange experiences and lay the foundation for new relationships?

The aim is to make Open Space also work as a node for cultural and creative businesses in Helsingborg. Promoting crossover collaborations and function as a guidepost for those developing their entrepreneurial side. For the city of Helsingborg, crossover collaborations are an important part of reaching the vision of Helsingborg in 2035.

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“Att ställa om istället för att ställa in – 10 kulturentreprenörer reagerar kreativt i krisen!”

Open Space is located at the co-working space Mindpark. We are financed by and a part of the business department of the municipality and city of Helsingborg and by the cultural depertment for the creative project.



At Open Space you can find events in all different sizes. We encourage others to arrange lectures, workshops, hackathons, creative fairs, after works and more!

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Here you can find people from the tech and art sector, serial entrepreneurs, students, nerds, startups and other driven individuals. Be a part of our thriving community!

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Do you dream of starting your own company or make your idea come to life? We have both the knowledge and contacts, just book a meeting with us!

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