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In conversation with our coworker Eric Human, who runs View360 and is located at Mindpark Central Malmö.

Can you tell us a little about your company?

View360 are Swedish producers of visual tours. We have been focusing on creating virtual tours for Google Street View since 2015. But nowadays we are returning into custom virtual tours. This means today we are working a lot with schools around the whole country. Enabling schools to have virtual tours, and to have access for their students to walk and find out more about them. Especially when we are in corona times, where schools are not allowed any visitors.

We have the trust of leading companies in Sweden for developing and taking their whole virtual tour.

Could you share with us about the clients you have?

We just finished with the production for the National School of Defence. So it’s very broad, it is everything from schools to restaurants to working areas for working companies in Malmö. We have more than 400 clients per year so it’s quite a lot. Some cool productions are coming up for the Royal Institute of Music, Kungliga Musikhögskolan, in Stockholm.

Where do you find the motivation for coming up with new things?

I think it’s the personality. We have a lot of personalities within a company who likes to develop and come up with new things. We see ourselves as a company that is leading the whole virtual tour of 360 environments in this Swedish climate. It is also like a responsibility which is a perfect match with an institution like how we see ourselves developing all these products.

I think you need to have fun. The best thing is – we love doing this. It doesn’t feel like we are going to work on a regular basis. It’s a cool place and we have a lot of fun and we develop products and send them out to people and they love it. We get great feedback. So everything we do is always based on customer feedback.

How did you get to know about Mindpark? Why did you choose it?

It was important for us to have the flexibility to grow but also, have an environment where our team feels motivated. Like I said before, when people come to work, we want them to be happy, feel excited. And I think that Mindpark gives you that.

One of the main reasons we moved to this place was because of the events that happen at Mindpark. To be able to go to them if you wanted to because we want to connect and network more.