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This is an interview with one of our lovely coworkers at Mindpark in Hyllie. Get to know the Mikael Apitzsch from Sigma Quality and Compliance AB.

Can you tell us about what you ?
My name is Mikael Apitzsch and I come from a company called Sigma Quality and compliance. We are a company consisting of very experienced consultants who work in the field of Life Science. We have other compliances as well from Automotive business.

We want to solve the problems the companies come to us with. We want to help them and their challenges in the best way we know how. The company that comes to us for a solution, gets a consultant who is the first representative towards the company but through the consultant you get the entire knowledge of our company. It is always one person out there and behind that person we have a first Line support so the person is not alone. That person always has a contact if something comes up.

What motivates you?
We help companies in life science business that means we help them get along with their businesses that could be medical devices or pharmaceuticals and they in turn have their patients who receive that solution so we help those companies to make their things happen. Our motivation is to help the companies with great solutions to the market for patients or different areas.

Can you share a few tips to be productive at work?
We always follow the rules and regulations of our clients. It is the satisfaction of helping other companies dream come true or their products reach the market to help people.

And, we make sure that everyone finds an environment in which they feel comfortable to work. We try to support them in that sense by giving all the tools to perform the work. Also listening to them, how they are feeling and taking care of our consultants. We make sure they have everything they need to perform their best work.

What do you like the best about your work?
The different things you get to see and all the brilliant ideas coming to life and coming to market. There are so many great inventions and people with great ideas that help people in different ways and different areas. I was a consultant before as well and I just love the work because every time I have new assignments, new people, you get to see the company, meet great people and you get to be part of these amazing projects. For me it is very motivational. It feels like you found home but at work. For me that’s the drive and also to learn everyday. You can never be fully equipped with everyone, there is always something you haven’t seen or having done.

How do you manage a healthy work-life balance in your busy schedule?
Now in this corona times, it’s a bit different. Sometimes you’re at home working all day, then the private and work life gets combined. So, you have to be able to separate them at some time so you can focus. You have to find an area within home that is your area for only work. For me, that hasn’t been a problem. It’s been going well.