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This is an interview with one of our lovely coworkers at Mindpark. Get to know the great Christian Weldingh, who is the founder of Hyrbox.

Can you tell us a little about your company?
Our company, is a self storage company and is owned by First Risk Capital in Norway. We started February 2018 in Sweden and it’s a concept where you rent the shipping containers. It’s kind of a drive up self storage company. We buy land approximately minimum 4000 sqm up-to 10000 sqm, mostly bare lands. We prepare everything, we put up fences and gates where the customers have control of everything through their mobile phones. We don’t have to be there.  All the storage facilities are monitored around the clock with a camera and security company. 
Since 2018, we have now 12 sites all around Sweden such as in Malmö, Arlöv, Landskrona, Svedala, Trelleborg and many more. We are a team of 3 employees and we control everything through sending texts and codes via mail and sms. The customers can directly drive down to their units and unload and if they want they can park their car in the units. 

Hyrbox is a small company but we are growing fast. Not just Sweden but we have business in Spain, France, Norway, Denmark and the UK as well. The idea of self storage came up when I thought of the idea for shipping containers, the ease of it, the durability and the access to the shipping containers and low cost of the same. My motto has always been to keep it simple, if you do wrong you can always correct it. You learn something new everyday.

What is the favourite part of working with the company?
I started the company and I saw how it grew and how fast everything went. When I look back to 2018, we had one site and I remember taking the delivery of the first 6 containers at that site. So it has been like a small baby who is now growing and growing and we are surprised at how fast it went. I always prepare the sites, where to put the containers, measure the roads so a turn can be made with a trailer behind the car. This is all done through a drone which captures the pictures of the area and using a computer I do the puzzle to get the most out of the different sites.

Where do you find the motivation for coming up with new things?
It’s just to see how it grows that gives me a kick. We are the largest one in Skåne. My goal is to keep growing. It is always thinking about new solutions and how to be more efficient.

How did you get to know about Mindpark?
I started my company in a kitchen room with my two small kids around me. In the early days, I used to work a lot in my car.  As my company started growing and I needed to employ someone for the same. My friend suggested Mindpark. I came and I love the colours and the happy ambiance. There was space vacant in Mindpark Hyllie and I took it. The atmosphere here really helped me. It is not sterile. It improved thinking and my creativity. Mindpark is an innovative area to be in.