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A conversation with Simon Vaarning, CTO at QuenchTec, one of the lovely coworking at Mindpark in Hyllie.

Can you tell us about your company?

My name is Simon Vaarning and I am the CTO of QuenchTec. QuenchTec is a software company that is based in London (UK), Oslo (Norway) and Malmö, Sweden. We run the development here in Malmö and in London and we do software for market research. We have everything from communities to panel management systems to survey design data collection and analysis. So full marketing research.

What is your favourite part about working at the company?

I really like it because we are getting so many different requests for clients. It’s a very agile environment, we have some really great people to work with and we are in the cutting-edge technology in terms of front-end and backend work so it’s a really challenging and fun environment.

Where do you find the motivation for coming up with new things?

I try to read. I spend two hours a week reading up on new technologies, cloud based platforms etc. I try to talk to clients and spend a little time talking to them about their challenges and how we can support them in reaching their goals.

How did you get to know about Mindpark?

We were sitting in Limhamn, a small town south of here and we weren’t very really happy with the coworking there. So I was googling and I found Mindpark Hyllie was opening and we came here and immediately fell in love with this place. There is the bistro, the people, there is a lot of action going on and with the events going on at Mindpark, it became the perfect fit for us.