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In our community, more than colleagues, we offer friends! 

At Mindpark we love our community, here is a glimpse of how it is at Mindpark in Lund! We like places where everyone has the opportunity to know each other and can easily find both a strong network to connect with and valuable friendships. We make sure to create spaces where you can choose to share lunch with others, stories, experiences, and even share special recipes while getting to know the people around you that we are sure you will want to hang out with after business hours! 

We love and encourage creativity, innovation. and diversity. We want our places to be as diverse as possible because we are aware of the value that comes from sharing our differences. We want you to have the opportunity to connect with people from different fields, ages, and cultural backgrounds. We share English as a common language and love to seize the chance to learn and practice new languages with each other! 

Our different backgrounds also enable the ideal environment for cooperation and collaborative work that boosts productivity and inspiration all around. It doesn’t matter the challenge you face, we are sure you will be able to find a coworker at hand with a tip or solution for you.

You can even do this in a more open way by simply putting up a question on the board near the entrance, and after a few days, you will surely find that our warm-hearted co-workers have left their ideas there for you!

Want to learn more about the coworkers and companies that make up this amazing community? Don’t hesitate to contact us at