Mindpark Lund is located in the city center of Lund, 4 min walk from Lund C. Here you will find a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs.

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Welcome to Mindpark Lund!

Join us in our beautiful alley in the middle of the city center.

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At our coworking space, you can focus on your work while we handle everything else. Meet inspiring people, companies, and share ideas.

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We will have a great venue for your event in an environment with many entrepreneurs, startups and inspiring people.

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Here are all events happening at all Mindparks listed!

HBG: TRANSPARENT VEGETATION | Exhibition by: Madeleine Svedlund

Madeleine Svedlund has studied fine arts at Lunnevads Folkhögskola and graphic design visual communication at Östra Grevie. A lot of her imagery focuses on details, composition and complementary color. She continually explores the social relationships between people and characteristic animals, as they often portraits in an environment with greenery vegetation. Some of her art is inspired by the old Japanese erotic art shunga, which she created in her own modern way.

HBG: Every week! StartupLabs

From 8:00-17:00 every weekday! StartupLabs is a: --> Meeting point for very early stage startups. --> For people to join an accelerator after spending some time in the StartupLabs --> Meet with other entrepreneurs and get to know the community. (This is a collaboration between THINK Accelerate, E-Commerce Park, VentureLab, THINK Open Space and NyföretagarCentrum)

HBG: Capefort - Meet the Accountant! Open Session

Meet The Accountant for free We offer free advice on Swedish business, accounting and tax. Also free demonstration and support on Fortnox.

HBG: HR Optimal @ Open Space Drop In Sessions

At Open Sessions we give you free advice on subject that has to do with your work environment. Feel welcome to ask both big and small questions!

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