Mindpark Lund is located in the city center of Lund, 4 min walk from Lund C. Here you will find a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs.

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Welcome to Mindpark Lund!

Join us in our beautiful alley in the middle of the city center.

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Are you looking for a new office?

At our coworking space, you can focus on your work while we handle everything else. Meet inspiring people, companies, and share ideas.

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We will have a great venue for your event in an environment with many entrepreneurs, startups and inspiring people.

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HBG | Nyföretagarcentrum - Open Session

This event does not currently have a description.

Free Pass Day @ Mindpark !

Want to know what it's like at our Coworking Spaces? Join us for a Free Pass Day! It's just what it implies: you get to sit at our coworking space for one whole day, for free. Contact the Mindpark you'd like to try-out to find out more.

HBG: Kulturaktör & företagare: en crash course i förtagande för kreatörer

Sälj...detta känns ju så jävla tabu!  - med Cornelia Molin från E-Commerce Park och Thomas Romlöv, KubKub. Detta är den tredje av fem delar i denna serie för kulturaktörer som har eller planerar att starta företag. För mer info se eventet på Eventbrite.

HBG: TRANSPARENT VEGETATION | Exhibition by: Madeleine Svedlund

This event does not currently have a description.

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