Monday 23/8/21, 10:22

Gather Your Rosebuds While You May

Have you been having a lovely summer? It is the most appreciated season in Sweden when people want to be in the sunshine as much as possible even if they will probably get sunburnt. The sun is like a source of happiness: the more we get in the sun, the happier we are. Therefore, I assumed people were supposed to be more efficient at work in summer than winter due to the cheerful mood, but there is something out of my expectation after talking with some co-workers here in Mindpark.

Contrary to my assumption, they become more productive and concentrated on their work in winter than in summer. Compared with winter when the outdoor activities are really limited, there is much more entertainment in summer: swimming, camping, picnic… The list can go on without an end. All these leisure activities are tempting, and we want to put everything on the to-do list EXCEPT work. After all, work can be done anytime but swimming is only enjoyable in summer, and I promise I will catch up on my progress later, I promise. 

In contrast, there will be more people in Mindpark in winter or when the sun is hiding. As there is nothing else to do in the darkness or in the blowing wind, why not work? Or maybe you find it depressing and just want to lie on the bed when everything outside is grey, the lively people and vibrant atmosphere in Mindpark will rejuvenate you and get you motivated to work. 

This strategy of having more fun in summer and working more in winter is reasonable – “gather ye rosebuds while ye may”. Apart from that, the high productivity in winter comes from tenacity. Maybe not everyone, but in Mindpark we have such tough people. The weather is harsh, but they are not going to surrender. Instead, they fight back, work hard, and become “tougher” than the weather to show that they have autonomy in what they do and will not be subjected to external conditions. Thanks to these warriors who create a vibrant atmosphere in Mindpark so that everyone gets propelled into work.

On the other hand, those who have been in Sweden for a very long time have got used to the distinct seasons in Sweden and the long darkness in winter is not a struggle for them, so there seems to be no great difference between their efficiency at work all year round.  Okay, we must admit that our own will is always more powerful than seasons and weather. As long as we are determined to achieve something, nothing can be in our way!

Pitifully, the summer holiday is drawing to a close. Do you have such a “holiday syndrome” and feel unmotivated to get back to work? Is your mind still stagnated in the holiday? Is there little inspiration coming up? Is it boring to be alone? Here in Mindpark are talented people from all works of life to bring you energy for a good restart.

Welcome back to Mindpark and see you around!