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Are you drinking coffee as you read this?

Do you by chance have a cup of coffee on your desk now? 

Are you planning to fill your cup with coffee after reading this?

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

If you feel sleepy it’s time to talk about coffee to make your day fresh and awake!

Sweden is known to be one of the Top Coffee Consuming Nations in the world. In 2020 the estimated average per capita coffee consumption is 7.6 kg, ranking the third after the Netherlands and Finland. 

We all know that according to scientific research, the caffeine in coffee keeps us active and drinking coffee has become a routine in our daily life, or for a busy weekday, like “I have to drink coffee in the morning, if not, I feel like I’m going to die”, or “I have to have a cup of coffee at hand otherwise I can’t go into my stride, I just can’t”. 

It is interesting to know how different the effectiveness of coffee is to individuals. Some people can be very sensitive. Maybe 1 or 2 cups can make them productive for the whole day. But some people can be immune to coffee and feel sleepy after they have drunk coffee. Probably an approaching deadline or a phone call from the manager will be much more propelling.

When asking our coworkers at Mindpark Lund how many cups of coffee do they drink every day, the answer we got is further proof of how coffee dominates our daily lives. 

“I never count, but around 4-6 cups a day.”

“6-8 cups but I won’t finish them because sometimes I am occupied by work email.”

“I already drank 2 cups before I came here. Dark coffee is a need for my breakfast.”

“The stronger the better!”

“I drink 2 cups of coffee. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.”

Whether it’s 2 cups, 6 cups, or 8 cups, whether it’s black coffee or latte, everyone’s opinion towards coffee is that 


In addition to helping us at work, there is another bonus for drinking coffee: it can lead to more social interactions at work. In Sweden, you can’t talk about coffee without talking about fika. “Fika” is probably the first word foreigners learn after coming to Sweden. It brings people together and serves as a platform for socialising.

Just grab your cup of coffee and join us for fika at Mindpark Lund every Friday! We can talk about pets, weekends, or anything you want!

Is that being lazy at work? No, definitely not! 

Let’s make it clear: colleagues get together because they happen to refill their cups with coffee at the same time, then they talk about something fun, get to know each other more, become closer and feel happier. So the conclusion is, coffee makes work more enjoyable. 

What a great contribution coffee makes!

Anyway, no matter how much coffee you have everyday, when you drink it and what kind of coffee you drink, as long as it helps you somehow, just take it as you want. Okay, I’m going to have another cup of coffee and restart my work!