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The Printer

You’ll get your username and password from the Mindpark Lund crew.

For Mac – download this

For PC – download this

01. Install the program to your computer.

02. If you computer doesn’t allow your to download the program, right click and press “Download anyway”.

03. Open the program or right click on the icon and press “Configuration”. 

04. By “Authentication type” choose “Custom login” .

05. Click “Service setup…” at the bottom. 

06. Fill in the following:
HCP gateway adress:
Account domain name:

07. All other boxes should be let untouched. 

08. Press “Next”. 

09. Once that’s finsihed, press the icon again and choose “Login”.

10. Fill in the username and password you got from Mindpark and mark the box “Rember me until I log out”. 

11. Try to print something choosing the printer “Secure Print Mindpark Lund”.

12. Go to the printer and place your tag on the left side on the frontside of the printer. 

13. Choose “Enrollment” in the pop-up window on the printers screen. 

14. Fill in your username and password.

15. You are now connected to the printer with your tag! 

16. Log out at the top of the screen (otherwise it will log out by itself after 1 minute). 

17. Voliá! 

The Printer via the App

Want to print through your mobile? 

01. Download the app “EveryonePrint”.

02. Choose “Settings- Gateway connectivity” and add: 

03. Choose “Test connectivity” and if it says ok – save!  

04. Add your personal login details as above. 

05. You’re done!