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Earlier this month we talked about how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to stay focused and productive in the summer months, and in discussing that, it brings up another good point: work-life balance.

Work-life balance is actually a really important aspect of startups. Frankly, startups often pique people’s interest because of the more relaxed atmosphere and culture they can embody. While by no means does that imply startup founders and employees don’t work as hard (we’d argue the contrary), let’s take a look at some tricks for balancing work and personal life, in a way that can help you actually energize your business and further along your success.

Work from anywhere in the world

If you’re running a startup in the digital space, it can be much easier for you, or you staff, to work from wherever there’s a wifi connection. While this may not be optimal for the long term, giving yourself and your employees a bit of respite by changing up your scenery can invigorate your focus and bring new energy to your business.

We mentioned in our last post on productivity that working outside can be one of these great opportunities when the weather’s nice. But we suggest even taking it a step further. Travel to a distant city and check out what other coworking spaces have to offer. Or hole up in a small cafe in a tiny town and work in an environment that feels more like a retreat than an office. Change of scenery and getting out and meeting new people can provide new perspectives and opportunities for your business than ever before.

Treat yourself (and employees) to a retreat

Speaking of retreats, another great way to boost morale and energize your business is by sponsoring a retreat for your employees. Is your business a one-man or one-woman show? Retreats can still be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get you thinking about your company values and how you want to build your business moving forward.

Retreats are often appreciated by employees because they feel valued as a part of the crucial conversation of what your company should be. They often lead to team building, enhanced employee loyalty, and finding new solutions to cultural issues you may be having. Startups often suffer from not having a clear vision on what company culture is, but going on a retreat with all of your leaders and staff can help to move you forward together. Plus, they are much more fun and exciting than a typical conference room meeting (and can often be more productive)!

Look out for fun events and networking opportunities

If it’s not in the budget to host your whole company on a retreat, consider other opportunities that are put on by other people or companies. Remember when we talked about taking the opportunity to work from anywhere? There are more and more events and conferences popping up around the world tailored to startup up entrepreneurs and remote workers who can all get together and share experiences and ideas. Often in these special events, you spend a full week, or even more, together with other entrepreneurs pretty much 24 hours a day.

We all know how important networking is to burgeoning businesses, and these types of events are arranged by those who have years of experience in the entrepreneurial game and want to use that experience to connect like-minded people.

Not sure about a conference where you not only attend lectures and workshops, but live, eat and do activities with other entrepreneurs? Get your toes wet at the second Camp Ven, an initiative put on by Mindpark and other affiliates in the Helsingborg area, where you can enjoy the outdoors plus attend amazing workshops while getting to know other entrepreneurs in the region.

We can all feel a bit stale sometimes at work, and this can be especially true for entrepreneurs and startups. The key can often be a lack of work-life balance, or a way to change up your routines and get your creative juices flowing. Next time you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, consider some of the fun ways you can get out of the office and give yourself a break while still being productive!