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As entrepreneurs, it can often feel like we never get a break. Often our work is our life, and as such, there can be little differentiation between work and play. Though Sweden has some of the best work-life balance in the world, it can still be difficult for us to stay focused when the weather hits 20 degrees and all the outdoor restaurant patios are calling our names…

So how do we stay productive, even in the most distracting of times? Check out these top productivity hacks for entrepreneurs, to keep you on track all summer long.

1.Create your best environment

Office temperatures can play a crucial role in your ability to get work done. Make sure you keep the thermostat right around 22 degrees. Any colder and human error rates actually increase, and any warmer and you begin to get sluggish. If your office doesn’t have AC, open windows, or pack a sweater. Staying cool (or warm for some of those Swedish summer days!) matters to your work.

More than just temperature regulation, productivity in the summer can depend on your ability to get some fresh air! Now is the perfect time to find a spot outside where you can set up your laptop, rather than gaze longingly out the window. Getting some sun on your face while you work helps you absorb that Vitamin D, which is crucial for your mood and energy – all factors in productivity.

2.Stay away from social media

While this can be said the whole year round, social media tends to become especially distracting in the summer when everyone is posting holiday pictures and checking in to exotic locations.

So, set specific times during the day when you give yourself some time to peruse your newsfeed, but when that window is over – stay off! If your willpower is no match for Instagrams of the beach, get a productivity tool that can block distracting sites. Apps like Freedom can help make your computer and smart phone distraction-free by locking you out from social media and other sites that can waste your precious time.

3.Give yourself a break

If you’re feeling like your productivity is hitting an all time low, try mixing up your schedule. Take a page from Spain’s book, and take a “siesta” in the afternoon. This will give you some time to both recharge and enjoy the day, helping to give you back your productivity later in the evening.

Try starting your day by hitting the gym or going for a walk. Getting your juices flowing early helps to turn on your brain and boosts your creativity. Not a morning person? Do the same over your lunch break, or in the middle of the afternoon when you tend to hit that low point in energy.

The important thing to remember is that if you’re not feeling productive, staring at your screen for an extra two hours won’t help. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Get up and do something else for 30 minutes and come back ready to work.

If all else fails, just remember the summer is already half over! All kidding aside, figure out the best environments for your productivity, limit the distractions around you, and take a break when you need it. You’ll be able to survive the summer with your entrepreneurial spirit in tact.