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Evsec, a managed security services provider (MSSP) was founded in 2015 and has already grown to eight employees in offices in Skåne and London. Offering web companies security auditing, secure managed hosting, security training and security consulting, they are serious about protecting websites and online data.

Evsec moved into an office at Mindpark six months ago, so today we met with Valentina de Pertis, Kommunikationsdirektör and other members of the Evsec team to get to know them a little better.

Continue to read to see what they had to say when we asked them about their company and experience in our coworking space in Helsingborg.

Evsec: What exactly is a managed security services provider?

We were curious to know exactly what kinds of products or services Evsec provides. According to Valentina, Evsec specializes in “secure hosting for companies and organisations that have websites that need to be live and secure all times – either for political or economic reasons.”

Additionally, Evsec offers pentesting, which are security audits for web apps and networks as well as incident response services. Also striving to educate companies, Evsec has a GDPR app and courses, to teach “companies about the new European GDPR (Data protection) law and helping them solve the issues with our newly developed GDPR software,” says Valentina.

Operating mainly in London and Skane, Valentina says that “organisations often approach us because they have already been hacked and they need a solution. Of course we are there to help in times of need but what we also tell them is that: security is like insurance, by the time you realise you need it it’s already too late. When it comes to security, proactive is always better than reactive.”

Evsec’s core values and why they love Mindpark

Valentina says that Evsec’s main priorities are “keeping our customers secure at all times and maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. We are also looking at becoming a fully ‘green’ company by 2020, including solar/wind powered data centres, no print material etc.”

They were drawn to Mindpark to increase their reach and expand their market, and felt they were able to achieve their goals and stay true to their values:

“Mindpark felt like the perfect collaborative space to connect with new people and organisations. The connections and contacts you make in a co-working space outweigh any negative side effects, the ‘vibe’ here is so energetic and colourful – motivation to work becomes easy to find.”

Learning more about the cyber security in Sweden

So how does the Skane region rank on cyber security? Valentina says that actually “Sweden has a long way to come compared to places like the UK, but we are confident that over the next 2-3 years we can help those companies become more aware of security risks, find and offset those risks and have the proper incident response plans to deal with a disaster.

The one last thing about Evsec, we like to have fun with what we do. Security is serious but it does not have to be boring!”

Thanks again to Evsec for chatting with us this month! Click here to learn about other tenants at Mindpark, and here for the available options for your company to join this exciting space.