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At Mindpark, we are proud to support all great ideas and the human value in all of them. A few weeks back we had the pleasure of receiving one of our main partners, Skåne Startups. The occasion was to become a part of their breakfast with the fantastic, enriched, and diverse female talent of Women in Entrepreneurship from all over Skåne.

The event was filled with joy and meaningful conversations between all of the participants. The topics discussed included the key value of building and investing in strong entrepreneurial networks, how an ecosystem can contribute and even become a catalyst to empower female talent, and even topics as sensitive as the how-to balance motherhood in the startup world.
The participants also discussed tips on how to acquire funding and how to best pitch their ideas to possible investors.

From the team at Mindpark Helsingborg, we want to thank our partners in charge of organizing this wonderful event and all the participants Shenny Arquillano, Judith Baeta, Lina Cai, Yvette Larsson, Nellie Rolf, Helena Nordström, and Andrea Iseli for wanting to do more and creating such an enriching experience.