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This is a post by VentureLab and variety of startups, both at Mindpark and elsewhere in Skåne. This post aims to provide an overview of internships possibilities for students. The focus on companies in Helsingborg, Lund and Malmö. Internships are anything from communication, web, tech or other subjects. The list is compiled by Saga Gardevärn.

Updated February 2020

Have you ever wanted an internship where you can make an impact? Look no further! Here is a list of startups in the region that are looking for interns. Some of them are also good places to collaborate with and get inspired by, if you’re stuck on choosing a subject for your thesis.

Why should I intern at a startup when I can choose a prestigious firm?

Big, prestigious firms are great, no doubt. However, in order to gain a lot differential work experience and be able to try out a lot of tasks, startups are a good (or maybe even better)place to start. The startup organizational structure is a lot flatter than a big corporation, which means that chances are that you’ll get more responsibility at a startup. If the startup consist of two or three people, you’ll play a significant role during your internship. It’s simply a great opportunity to make an impact!

Are you hooked yet? Great! Grab a nice cup of tea and take a look at this list:

Edument is specialised in the most challenging and rewarding parts of software development. Our experts won’t just help you to solve a problem, they will also give you more knowledge, better tools and new ways to work. We believe that shared knowledge is good knowledge.

To apply, contact:

Billmate is a fast-growing start-up in the fintech industry that offers smart and customer-friendly payment solutions to Swedish traders, both on and offline. We work in large nice sea-view rooms near the central station in Malmö.

Responsibilities during an internship: We are currently building a marketing department and there will be many exciting communication tasks to plan and perform. We strive to have the industry’s best customer support, so there are many exciting challenges in this area, both to facilitate our customers and our customers’ customers.

To apply, contact:

We believe in creating a more sustainable world through increased health in our society. Focusing on creating a valuable tool for organizations and employees to promote health. We appreciate cooperation with other actors who believe in what we believe in. Together we are strong and can make a difference.

– Well-being employees are born a sustainable organization.
– Through the well-being of people, a sustainable world is born.

To apply, contact: or read more here:

Swiftcourt is a fast growing legal- and FinTech company. We’re helping buyers and sellers make safer transactions online. We’re a fast-growing company with customers in Norway and Sweden and so far, we’ve helped over 30 000 buyers and sellers make a safe deal. We have big plans for the future and are now moving into the next phase of our life cycle – Growth.

The Swiftcourt team consists of 3 people, based in Malmö. Our mission is to help the world’s buyers and sellers make safer online transactions. We started out in 2013 and has since then been part of securing over 15 000+ transactions and closed € 0,6m in funding. Last but not least, Swiftcourt is a place for highly creative thinkers that want to disrupt old and ineffective ways of doing things and that has built a culture of high ambition, achievements and a lot of fun.

To apply, contact:

We are a newly established company that sells Yoga products such as clothes/carpets/ bolster, etc. We work much with soft values and it has made us a bit unique. At Yogia we are 4 girls and one dog working together.

Responsibilities during an internship: SEO/Content/Product, Social Media/Blog (Not Available Today), Events etc, but with a softer appearance. Yoga experience is merited.

To apply, contact: Katarina Andersson på

Skåne Startups is looking for new team members who are driven, creative and out of the box thinkers that wants to be a part of making Skåne a great place to start and meet Startups. As a team member you will be working with us for one year as a volunteer developing #skanestartups in different ways. We are looking for persons interested in entrepreneurship in the form of Startups and that can set aside 5 hours a month up to a full time intern

Read more and apply at:

Fast track Malmö
We’re a startup accelerator that helps amazing startups launch their product and find the right investors. This is done through a 4-month accelerator program, accompanied with an initial investment of $35-70k per startup.
With a combination of industry know-how, committed support, and progressive program building, we provide the best possible environment for our startups to thrive and succed.

Responsibilities during an internship: Running an accelerator involves managing a lot of people and activities. As an intern at Fast Track Malmo, your role is to support our team and the startups of the current batch in various organizational and creative tasks. Do you have something you love and think could be a good fit for Fast Track Malmo? Here are some examples of what kind of profiles we’re looking for: Content Marketer, Growth Hacker, Photographer, Data Scientist, Group Facilitator, Social Media Enthusiast, Event Organiser.

To apply, contact:

Øresund startups
Øresund Startups is a voluntarely driven organization that aims to improve collaboration in between entrepreneurs and to promote successfull startups in the region.
To apply, contact:

Proposales with office in Helsingborg has developed an award-winning platform to quickly send beautiful proposals online. We drive the movement of the next generation business proposal that replaces the traditional and boring PDF proposal with an interactive and mobile-friendly online proposal.

If you enjoy the challenge of being the runner-up in a large global market, don’t hesitate to reach out. Develop your skills further in an environment where your ideas not just end up in a drawer. We’re fast and make sure that campaign, feature and influencer strategy comes to life.

Responsibilities during an internship: If you’re currently on any of the following programs, you believe it’s a perfect match:

– Student from Service Management / Hotel Management will help out define Proposales for Hotels. Establish your own network in the hospitality industry meanwhile putting a new product on the market that pushes the industry forward.

– Studying engineering? If you’ve an interest in JavaScript you can really put your skillset to action and gain experience. Work together with an experienced product designer and help out definer the new online standard for proposals with smart features. (Node, React, PostgreSQL)

To apply, contact:

SmiLe incubator
We help entrepreneurs and early-stage companies develop and commercialize new ideas in life science, bringing together bright minds to share powerful ideas.
Surrounded by smart, passionate people, and the best tools and approaches at your disposal – you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder, and connecting with the right people and resources.

To apply, contact:

Soeco’s business idea is very simple. We buy up-to-market high-quality superfluous furniture from companies that move or, for other reasons, replace their furniture. These furniture is then processed so that we can deliver an entire office that looks like new, but costs as used. Reducing environmental impact is always in our focus.

To apply, contact:
If you love coffee, e-commerce and digital marketing, then you should apply for an internship at They sell all kind of speciality coffee in their e-commerce store, but they also do barista training courses in Helsingborg and Stockholm.

You need to be driven and able to work on your own, as it is a small but passionate team.

To apply, contact:


Homepage is on the way, please visit Ecoist @ Facebook for now

Ecoist AB develops and manufactures electric vehicles. A one-way, three-wheel country road car is the first product. A 20-vehicle series will be on the road in 2019.

Responsibilities during an internship: Plan PR actions, i.e. communication with media and social media managemen, more concrete things like layout for letters, newsletters, web pages. Create a corporate identity, to put it simple!

To apply, contact:

Mindpark is a place where entrepreneurship, creativity and tech meet. Here we work with both events and offices for startups, as well as freelancers and international companies. This place is a real melting pot for businesses, startups, public activities and even students!

To apply, contact: