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The joke is often that small businesses and startups are fueled by coffee, and we tend to think that’s actually true. While we recently talked about the advantages of coworking spaces for your business, we’re going to argue that coffee can have even more benefits to you and your work than you may have previously thought.

Coworking and coffee – it just makes sense

The businesses and startups at Mindpark must certainly run on coffee, since on average, about  75 liters of drip coffee are drunk every day at Mindpark. That’s including the office and desk space tenants, people who come for events and conferences, and any visitors who stop by. In case you’re wondering though, at 3dL per cup, that’s roughly 4,950 cups per month, equaling almost 59,400 cups of coffee a year! But you can’t blame us – we use Zoegas Fairtrade coffee ‘Cultivo’ from right here in Helsingborg, not just for supporting the local business, but because it’s really good. And here’s a few more numbers regarding our special espresso drinks, featuring Zoegas Espresso Terazza: Every month we sell about 320 lattes, 150 cappuccinos, 40 double espressos, and 25 vanilla lattes.

The real benefits of drinking coffee

We, of course, know the benefits of coffee for perking us up all day long, but some of the effects of our coffee addictions may be nothing to laugh at. Coffee, or specifically the caffeine in coffee, has been found to actually improve memory and help slow cognitive decline – basically keeping your mind sharp and at least delaying issues that may hurt your brain function later in life.

Not only is it good for your brain, but coffee plays a big part in being social with other people. And no one understands the social importance of a coffee break with friends or colleagues quite like the Swedes. One of the best advantages of having coffee, or taking a fika, in a coworking space is the opportunity it presents to connect with others in the community. While waiting for your drink, you can have spontaneous, informal networking “events,” and meet other like-minded individuals who can help and inspire your projects. Coffee brings people together, and coming together and finding new ways to collaborate are some of the best advantages of a coworking space.

Now those are some good benefits! Don’t quite believe us? Stop by the Mindpark Cafe and see what having a cup of coffee here can do for you and your business.

Or if you are really interested, why not take a barista-course and learn how to both brew and make a perfect coffee? Scandinavian School of Coffee has both weekend- and 5-day courses here at Mindpark, check out there programme!