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The 8th of April seven new startups joined THINKs accelerator program. For three months they will get the help they need to develop the companies further. But which startups joined THINKs first batch? What’s their story and dreams? Here you will get to meet the seven companies one by one and learn more about them. 


It all started a year ago. Joakim Green worked with creating a sales tool for a golf clubs. He realized while working there that the management surrounding creating and sending proposals was not satisfying and the golf clubs had a problem with keeping an eye on everything. The idea started to grow and after realizing that several industries had the same problem, he knew what he should do.

How exactly does his startup solve this problem? In his own words he describes the product as: “a tool that can send beautiful online proposals for free.” A way to create, send and monitor the proposals fast and simple. But he is not working alone, with him is Myad Tahajody and Eric Nilsson and they both joined recently. Two engineering students at Campus Helsingborg that will graduate in just a few weeks.

He moved from Stockholm to Helsingborg with his girlfriend earlier this year. Joakim immediately applied for the program after a contact with one of the advisors at THINK. The goal for Proposales is to be a global and sustainable company with one clear mission; turning proposals into sales. As many other successful startups he uses Sweden as a test market, where he can see that Proposales is really needed, before going global. To get there the team needs to stay focused because every sales process is different but they want to keep the product as simple as possible. They need to know exactly what the users need and how to implement it in the best possible way. In the end the purpose is to make it easier for companies working with proposals to help them avoid time-consuming tasks.



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