The 8th of April seven new startups joined THINKs accelerator program. For three months they will get the help they need to develop the companies further. But which startups joined THINKs first batch? What’s their story and dreams? Here you will get to meet the seven companies one by one and learn more about them. 


Daniel Peterssons passion is hardware, he’s startup is building a computer that controls a multiscreen. And how does it work? To explain it very simple it is one computer that is equivalent to 25 computers. You are able to have 25 screens with different things happening at each one of those and only use one computer. It saves the companies moneys since it only takes a twelfth of the power that 25 computers otherwise would use.

The idea came to him when he was working on building computers for a hobby, a man told him about his problem with a screen wall and the high costs. Daniel started to investigate the market and found out that there where people doing similar things but at a very high cost. He saw the potential and started to work on his idea.

He found out about THINK when he went to Connect Skåne to apply for their version of “draknästet (Dragons’ Den)” and they thought he was a great candidate for THINKs program, so he applied and was accepted. Right now he is working with the webshop and hopes to be able to launch international. But before he goes there he says that he needs to find a co-founder with business education, to be able to get the product out on the market.

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