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The 8th of April seven new startups joined THINKs accelerator program. For three months they will get the help they need to develop the companies further. But which startups joined THINKs first batch? What’s their story and dreams? Here you will get to meet the seven companies one by one and learn more about them. 

IconCrafts  EnyPcitK

In 2009 IconCrafts from Macedonia got the idea to make an app that would enable their users to create the perfect icons – Their app has a large library with different icons and the users are able to completely customise their icons — change colours, background shapes and so on. This makes it possible to create the perfect icons for any website, smartphone app, or any other project with requirements for icons.

They are four co-founders — Vanco, Krum, Vane and Meri — and have been working with icons for about eight years now, on their previous project:, where the idea has been originally born. DryIcons has a database with thousands of icons that you could pay to download in good quality. After some time people started asking them about icons in different colours, sizes and formats and the idea for IconCrafts slowly started to grow.

So how did they end up in Sweden at THINK? The answer to that is that they stumbled on the opportunity. When Vanco was visiting a website for startups he saw information about THINK, he clicked to the page and got interested in the Lean Startup program that THINK could offer. Just some hours before the deadline they applied to the program and when they were approved, they had to pack their bags and move from Macedonia to Helsingborg.

In the future they hope to become a synonym for icons, they want people to think about IconCraft when they hear the word icon. The challenge in reaching that goal will be to stand out from the crowd, many websites have icons for free and they believe a challenge is to make people want to pay for their service. The customer needs to understand the quality and possibilities in the service they provide.

meri krum vane vanco


Do you want to know more about IconCrafts or follow them through their progress? Visit them at their website to find out how to creat your own icon!