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Last weekend me (Karsten) from us as well as Dimitrij from the CreativeLab makerspace participated as a mentor at Startup Weekend Oresund. An event quite unlike any other event, even compared to ‘normal’ startup events.

Being held on the ferries that go from Helsingborg to our neighbour city Elsingor, the setting was on the boats, going back and forth between Sweden and Denmark.

It was an interesting event, with a lot of energy amongst the people participating and a wide variety of ideas. And the setting was just great, on the upper decks on the boat it was definitely a very different and changing surrounding.

Startup Weekend is an international concept, being held all over the world. Startup Weekend Oresund was organised by Rune Gregers Meyer, who previously has been behind Startup Weekend Health in Copenhagen, as well as Startup Weekend Berlin. It is a 54 hour long event, going from nothing to having a product and pitching it to a jury – a jury which included both the MD at Scandlines as well as our friend Hans Nelson.

We love initiatives like this – both startup events, but even more events that bridge the cities in the region. And a startup events that does both, is really great – just as StartupÖl does with Lund and Malmö, an event like this brings Elsingor and Copenhagen closer to us.

The was the first time it was held, and we look forward to being even more involved in the next one!