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Yesterday Mindpark cafe participated in the annual Fairtrade Challange. It’s a ‘fika’ challange and last year a half million people joined the event by eating and drinking fairtrade products.

Fairtrade Challenge is a campaign organized by Fairtrade Sweden. The purpose is to spread information and increase the consumption of Fairtrade products and the project is funded by SIDA. All kind of shops, workplaces, communities, businesses and organizations can participate. Yesterday we had a special offer on fairtrade coffee and cake in our cafe and a total of 188 people had a Fairtrade ‘fika’ and 112 coffee and cake were served to our conference guests.

Since 2010 we have put a lot of emphasis on serving fairtrade food and beverages, both for conference guests, members of our coworking community and all the students and regular guests that visit our ground floor cafe. All of our coffee, both regular as well as espresso, and all of our teas are always fairtrade. Most of our chocolate is fairtrade as well, with a wide assortment of chocolate from Divine being the most popular.