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This summer we have quiet a lot of activities here at Mindpark. Usually, it gets rather quiet here – so quiet in fact, that we previously even closed our café and open space on the ground floor during the hight of the summer. Because of our reliance on people either studying or working nearby regularly, only the co-working community has been open previously in July.

However, this summer we have a host of activities, and also had the ground floor open all summer – even if at somewhat less generous opening hours the usual (9 – 14 instead of the normal 8 – 17). The activities are / have been a mixture of courses and events, which we are very proud of to have here. These include:

– Hosting part of Forza SwedensSommarlovsentreprenörerna”.
Scandinavian School of Coffee having a barista course here.
Contentor holding their first one-week course for becoming an SEO writer.
CreativeLab hosting Erik Lundhs Hackathon prep-school for the Ingenjörsglädje event.

And the biggest of them all, even if it will not be held here when it takes place: CreativeLab is planning it’s Maker Weekend, ‘Framtidsrummet’, which will take place 29th-31st of august.

Of course this is all is relatively little activity when compared to how much usually happens during a month here, but still – we are proud to be a place where things happen even during the most vacation heavy summertime. Especially on a summer which has had so marvellous weather here in Helsingborg as this year!