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This weekend the 3D printing and prototyping event was held, which went under the hashtag #3Dhack. The event was about 4 teams, getting 12 hours to solve a problem, find a business model and prototype it. The problem that was focused on – which was first revealed at the event – was “improve the bicycle”. It was free to the teams to use 3D printing and take help of the technicians that were present to develop gadgets, items or tools that could be used on bicycles, or the bike-riders.

The four teams, selected randomly from the participants, consisted of both students and entrepreneurs. Each had one CAD designer assigned to them, and timed access to the 3D printers. A large dose of business development and creativity ensured.

Participants from all over Sweden

Overall the event got a great reception. Being the first of its kind in the Nordics (maybe even in Europe?) the event managed to gather participants from the entire Øresund region – as well multiple participants from both Göteborg and Jönköping.

Here we have collected some of the pictures taken during the event.

The teams presentations

If you want to view the four teams final pitches – the finale of the entire event, you can watch them here:

Also, the winner presentation – including the somewhat different bare breasted(!) announcement, can be seen here:

A big thanks to all participants, to 3Dprintshopen for the initiative and the equipments, to Saladsandsmoothies for the food, to CreativeLab for the support, and to the jury members!