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A lot of things are happening here at Mindpark. We are proud to announce that CreativeLab here at Mindpark, the makerspace and eventspace, will at the end of April host Scandinavians first 3D printing hackathon!

The idea is simple – teams will be able to hack and build products, that will be designed by professional designers and printed at location. With multiple 3D printers on-site, the teams will be able to prototype and iterate on the process during the entire hackathon. The event is the 26th of April, and will be during the entire day.

Hackathons are popular in the region, but are usually tech related, within different subjects. However, having one with a 3D printing and prototyping focus is something unusual. Something we look forward to be a part of.

Times and topics

The event is a whole day, starting in the 26th of April at 9 am and finishing at 9 pm. Each team, that is put together on the event, will be given a every-day problem to solve – by using their own creativity and ingenuity, with the goal of developing a tool, device or item to solve the problem. Designers and technicians will be there to make the process of getting it from the team-members idea to reality using 3D printers as easy as possible.

The day will be divided up into 1 or 2 hour brackets, spent in either brainstorming, product development, designing or printing. As well as breaks with foods and snacks of course.

The event will finish with a pitch from each time, held at 8 pm, where they get the chance to motivate and demonstrate their products. The teams will be judged in four different categories, including design as well as business opportunity.

No 3D printing experience required

The event is open to anyone. Because of the designer and technicians that will help the teams, there is no requirement to know anything about 3D or computer aided design. There is also no requirement to have any prior experience with 3D printing.

David Degbor, who is in charge of the event, says about the concept:
“Our aim is to highlight the possibilities of 3D printing, especially for prototyping and as a tool for solving problems. We hope to get team members that are both amateurs, businessmen as well as students interested in the event.”

The event is sponsored by 3D printshoppen and Storbildsbolaget, and is free to attend. Registration and further information can be found here.