Guest post by Jonathan Lundström and Dimitrij Aleshkov

This past Friday, the 28th of march we hosted an event at CreativeLab called a Hackathon. The idea is to invite developers and companies to make connections, present ideas, and hopefully be able to help out with each others projects.

Our event started at 16.00 where a few attendees arrived. Parallell to the hackathon there was an after work event, where another company invited the other coworkers from Mindpark to socialize and get to know their neighbours. We mixed our events a bit and we think everyone had a nice time. The hackathon did not really start until about 18.30 though, where we held the introduction and welcomed all of the attendees to the event. Shortly after that the pizza arrived, and people started socializing and working on their projects.

In short, we did not have that many projects in store, but we re-organized the CreativeLab, printed a small-scale version of Kärnan with a 3D-printer, attempted to build furniture out of EUR-pallets and watched as a game called  ”Cracking Tiles” was ported from the OUYA console (Android) to the Raspberry Pi by Johannes Lundberg from 46elks. This went on until approximately 03.00 when people started going home.

All in all we think we all had a very nice night with a lot of cold beers and pizza, courtesy of our sponsor, EC Solutions. Make sure to check out their website.

We’ll surely let you know the next time we’re hosting a hackathon!

Guest writer; Jonathan Lundström, EC Solutions and Dimitrij Aleshkov, CreativeLab