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Recently the THINK incubator, which has some of it’s offices here in the Mindpark co-working community, announced that they will become the first public incubator to focus fully on the lean startup principles, a new way of managing companies that helps them focus on growth.

A new way to manage companies

The lean startup movement has gained a lot of traction during this decade, and has been recognised as a management principle that enables the development of growing companies. What started with the lean manufacturing method, has in recent years been developed into a management style for companies and startups, that want to grow. If you want to know more, the incubator has a good overview on their site.

The change, which has been a longer ongoing process internally at the incubator but was officially announced last week, amplifies the incubators focus on companies and startups with growth potential.

Two phases at the incubator

The THINK incubator runs two different programmes.

  • preTHINK – a 6 month programme that aims for new companies to learn the basics of lean startup, test early prototypes and get traction.
  • THINKinkubator – a two year programme that gives further support and is for startups that have already gotten some traction or funding.

House-warming for new office

On friday the incubator held a house-warming party for it’s new offices here at Mindpark, where a large part of the 18 incubator companies are operation from. The incubator is however also present at Linc, as well as some startups having their own separate offices.

If you want to know more, contact THINK directly.