Cowork-away: Fjällen 2019

We invite you to take part in a special trip. Join us the 10-14th February, in the Swedish north, also known in Swedish as: Fjällen. Not a vacation, but a workation – stay at a house, with great people, and work remotely.

This is a work-away, 5 days of focus on what you think is important. We have a cabin in the remote countryside in the mountains, with wifi, bon-fire and 100% beautiful surroundings. You bring yourself, and can work remotely in this setting and surrounded by fantastic people.

This first trip will be with a selected few, having a maximum of 8 guests. The place will be beautiful Ånn, a remote village between Åre and Storlien in northern Sweden. It is a surrounding close to nature, perfect for activities such as cross-country skiing.

The trips aim is to give everyone time to focus on what they want, but also to be surrounded by other, to have great discussions, and to share and gain knowledge.

The days will be spent as following:
Dinner with discussion
Between those times everyone can do what they want. Work, enjoy nature, contemplate life.

We will host one discussion each evening, based on what the participants want to learn more about.

This is a week co-created by those participating. So nothing is set in stone, and everything can be changed for the aim of giving a highly productive but also leaning intesive weeks. Where new friendship is made, and new insights learned.

The cost is 2500 kr for shared room, 3500 kr for single room.

Does this sound like something for you? Then apply below! It is limited to 8 spots, so we cannot guarantee a spot.

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More details:

Questions or need more info? Contact Karsten, the main organizer:

This is part of the cowork-away event series, by Mindpark and organised by Collaboration Concepts, our main organisation. The cowork-away series will be at different locations, both rural and in cities. The aim is to be a smaller group, in coworking and coliving for a limited time, in a unique setting. The destinations will be all over Europe, but with the criteria to be train-travel friendly with Sweden as a starting point, to minimize enviromental impact.