Starting a business in Sweden

Are you considering starting a business? Cool!

Welcome to our page where we gather information about how to start a business so that you easily can find information and resources. Here we have collected things for you who are thinking of starting your own company or project, and want to know more and find inspiration.

Mindpark is a collection of many different companies and individuals, who have run both small and large businesses, in almost every industry you can think of. Here we have gathered various insights and tips about entrepreneurship, based on everything that has happened at Mindpark during these years.

How do I start a business in Sweden?

At, they collect service and information from several authorities in the same place. Everything to make it easier to start and run a business.

Tax, employer’s contribution, company form and other things to keep track off if you want to start a business. Here you will find a compact and to-the-point lecture in Swedish about it, from one of our founders, Karsten Deppert.

Open information meetings are also held from the Swedish Tax Agency, in many different parts. These can be very good to check out, especially if there are some things you want to know more about! information meetings are also held in different places sometimes, a good opportunity to ask people from the Tax Agency if you have questions about something.

Business consulting and coaching

If you need tips and advice on concretizing your business idea during your first phase, we recommend talking to the Nyföretagarcentrum. They have good advice from people who run or have run companies themselves. Counseling with them is free of charge. The start-up center is located around the country, and also has an office in Helsingborg at Mindpark.

If you are a student, you can turn to VentureLab (Lund University) or Drivhuset (Malmö University) for free advice.

There are also other more local actors, such as the Nyföretagarcenter Syd foundation, which is active in parts of Skåne.

Network for you who want to start a business

There are a number of different networks in Skåne if you are going to start your business. Digitally, we can recommend the following, which are facebook groups for entrepreneurship:

In addition, there are meetings such as StartupDojo hosted at Goto10 at Mindpark Malmö City. These are very good to visit if you want to meet others who start companies, and get thoughts and answers to questions and challenges. Or why don’t you join Skåne Startups!

Tips and tricks around running a business

If you want tips and tricks from different entrepreneurs, we recommend this series, which was made in 2019 on behalf of RISE: start a startup. Although the series is called starting a startup, it focuses on starting companies in general, with lots of good tips.

The whole series is interviews with many different entrepreneurs and experts, who give concrete tips about certain parts. It involves everything from developing a business together with customers and competitors, to when you do not agree to going bankrupt.

Are you looking for information on starting an e-commerce?

Our sister site, E-commerce Park of Sweden, has everything you need to know about starting an e-commerce! Among other things, the following:

DIGITAL COURSES IN E-COMMERCE: Over 100 companies have taken the courses. See all courses!

WAREHOUSE AND OUTSOURCING: E-commerce Park and its part, E3PL Logistics, a third-party logistics provider aimed at small and medium-sized e-retailers. E3PL takes care of everything around inventory management so you can do other things to make the company grow.

SWEDEN’S ONLY E-COMMERCE INCUBATOR in E-commerce Park: the e-commerce incubator makes companies and online stores grow faster. Apply today to the e-commerce incubator.

Also, here is a video of our founder Karsten Deppert where he talks about starting an e-commerce business in Sweden:

What is an incubator or accelerator?

Sometimes you hear about incubators or accelerators, if you are going to start a business. These may be relevant to you, but it depends a bit.

An incubator can be good for you if you want to start a business idea that is scalable and should be more than a consulting business

An accelerator is relevant to you if you are already up and running, but want to scale your business idea more and bigger, both nationally and internationally.

In Skåne, there are a number of different ones. To take some examples: In Malmö there is Fast Track Malmö at Minc Malmö, and Drivhuset (The greenhouse is for students only). in Lund Smile Incubator (specialization healthtech), VentureLab (for students at Lund University) and in Helsingborg there is the E-commerce incubator and Hetch Startup Program (formerly Think Accelerator).

How does it work with investors?

FINANCING AND COMPANIES: As an entrepreneur, you can apply for financial support from your region or from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth for, among other things, investments, transport and consulting costs. Companies also have the opportunity to apply for loans and venture capital from various players. If you have a traditional business, it may be worth talking to Connet, but otherwise talking to business angels directly is the best way.

If you want to know how it works with investments in Startups in the Nordics, we recommend this article with a lot of insights:

How funding of startups works in the nordics – based on real numbers


Free consulting at Open Sessions

Yes, it’s true. There are a couple of professionals offering free consulting. Check out Open Sessions where we for example have experts in accounting, law, ideas and support for a new company, international relationships in your business and more. Look here for the complete list, and stay updated in Open Space Facebook events to know when and where.

Looking for information in Swedish? You can find that here: starta företag.