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Self-Reflection and Assessment After Events and Networking

Earlier last month we talked about networking and tactics you can use to prepare yourself when working the room in an event. We all know preparation is one of those major keys to success, and preparing yourself for conferences and meeting people can prove effective for entrepreneurs. But we’d also argue that taking time to absorb the information learned, and reflecting on who you met and what you discussed can help to maximize your experiences. Why is self-reflection important for entrepreneurs? Self-reflection is actually important to everyone, but it can especially be true for those of us who tend to be a…

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Making a Good Impression: Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Making a good first impression can be crucial to anyone, but it’s especially so for entrepreneurs and those working in startups and small businesses. So how do you make a lasting impression, and even, how do you make sure you are remembering and registering all the connections you meet? We spoke recently with Ana Devdariani, an expert in networking, whose people skills and conversation tactics have led to fulfilling personal and professional opportunities. Says Ana: “I believe in networthing – making lasting connections by being fully present and invested in the people I meet. Whether I go for a casual,…

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Malmö – here we come!

This year Mindpark is celebrating 10 years – yes that’s correct, we have already been around for 10 years! That means we have gathered a lot of knowledge and learned a lot from our lovely community. Now we are eager to put all this knowledge in motion and collaborate with even more people. Our first step is to open a new coworking space in Hyllie, Malmö, in January 2019. We will be located in Castellum’s building, Eminent, facilitating an area of 1500 sqm divided into two floors. We will have around 20 offices in different sizes, a number of flex desks, a bistro,…

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Work-Life Balance: How to Enjoy Yourself While Energizing Your Business

Earlier this month we talked about how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to stay focused and productive in the summer months, and in discussing that, it brings up another good point: work-life balance. Work-life balance is actually a really important aspect of startups. Frankly, startups often pique people’s interest because of the more relaxed atmosphere and culture they can embody. While by no means does that imply startup founders and employees don’t work as hard (we’d argue the contrary), let’s take a look at some tricks for balancing work and personal life, in a way that can help you…

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Top 3 Summertime Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, it can often feel like we never get a break. Often our work is our life, and as such, there can be little differentiation between work and play. Though Sweden has some of the best work-life balance in the world, it can still be difficult for us to stay focused when the weather hits 20 degrees and all the outdoor restaurant patios are calling our names… So how do we stay productive, even in the most distracting of times? Check out these top productivity hacks for entrepreneurs, to keep you on track all summer long. 1.Create your best…

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