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We offer a wide range of different office spaces depending on your needs. Check below to see a full listing of our various types of office spaces and desks. Contact us for more info

Fixed solutions


Our offices are located in a modern environment surrounded by a bunch of wonderful companies! We have…

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Fix Desk

With a fix desk, you have a private desk in our coworking space. This means that you…

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Flexible Corporate Solutions

Corporate solutions Are you interested in solutions of how you can combine coworking with your existing offices,…

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Temporary Project Office

Boost creativity with a project office For bigger projects that extend over a limited time,  there is…

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Hybrid solutions

Flex Desk (Skåne)

Flex Desk (Skåne) A Flex Desk gives you the ability to change where you are seated from…

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Day Pass

Day Pass If you’re looking for a place to work for a day or from time to…

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Office for a day

In these very different times, there may be days where working from home just isn’t the best…

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