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We offer a wide range of different office spaces depending on your needs. Check below to see a full listing of our various types of office spaces and desks. Contact us for more info

Look below for more information about our different office & coworking alternatives!


One of our greatest assets is that we have a range of small offices. The rooms are…

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Big Offices

A couple of our offices are suitable for larger companies, with room for up to 14 people.…

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Fix Desk

With a fix desk, you have a private desk in our coworking space. This means that you…

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Multiple Day Pass

The Multiple Day Pass is perfect if you don’t need a permanent desk solution, but want to…

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Temporary Project Office

Boost creativity with a project office For bigger projects that extend over a limited time,  there is…

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Mindpark GO

Are you just in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? Sitting at home after you finished your…

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