Coworking in Malmö

Are you looking for an office in central Malmö? Mindpark is located in the same building as Slagthuset which is only a three-minute walk from Malmö central station.

Our focus as an organization is to emphasize networking, knowledge exchange, and community. At Mindpark Malmö we offer a variety of office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and a café.

Flexible coworking

At all our venues we offer flexible coworking subscriptions. That means that you can work from our open spaces daily or when the need arises. We have different alternatives for coworking & desk spaces depending on what fits you.

Office space

Do you need your own office? We offer office spaces in a variety of sizes for you and your team. Our office environment is designed with creativity, productivity, and community in mind. It is possible to rent both separate and connected office rooms depending on what your organization needs.

You can look into our different office alternatives here.

Get access to all our locations in Skåne

Being a part of Mindpark in Slagthuset gives you also access to all our other Mindparks, to work from there! And it is not just if you need to work from there and have a desk – it is also for meeting rooms, if you need to have meeting at other places! And of course, coffee is included at those locations as well! It is not awesome?

So if you need to work in Lund, Helsingborg or Malmö Hyllie, you always have a home there as well.

Our Community

Do you commute between Lund, Malmö, and Helsingborg on a regular basis? If you become a part of our community then you also have the possibility to work from all our different Mindparks.

All our coworkers here at Mindpark are part of a tightly knitted community and have access to our events, including guest lectures about entrepreneurship, after-work events, startup breakfasts, and much more. Through these events, our coworkers get the chance to expand their network and their knowledge at the same time! If you are looking for a certain set of skills for your organization we will help you find them within our expansive network. Our strength lies in our community!

Best Coworking Space in the Nordics

In 2019, Mindpark as an organization won the catagory, Best Coworking Space in the Nordics, by Nordic Startup Awards. Nordic Startup Awards is determined by a jury and by votes from members. We are extremely grateful to have won this award and couldn’t have done it without our lovely community. You can read more about it here.

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