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Digital Workplace Group @ Mindpark Malmö Central
Mindpark is happy to announce that Digital Workplace Group has chosen Malmö and Mindpark Malmö Central as the place for their new European office

DWG was rated by the Financial Times in 2020 and 2021 as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies for digital transformation and now one of their homes are here with us at Mindpark Malmö Central.

We asked Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of DWG, a couple of questions. 

Why did you choose to locate in Malmö instead of somewhere else?
– After Brexit we wanted to open an office in the EU. We didn’t need an EU office as Brexit hasn’t affected the service industry much at all but it felt important as an insurance policy and as a chance to show our European commitment. The obvious candidates are Dublin, Amsterdam and Paris – all great cities – but we wanted to find a city that had some real digital impact and credentials. We knew Malmo, as the City of Malmo was a winner of our DWG Digital Workplace of the Year Awards a couple of years ago and we were all impressed by its digital ambitions and excellence.

Malmo was my idea – and the team were intrigued and then very excited. I hate to admit that with my weak geography left me open-mouthed with a map showing how far south Malmo is – and that while it is in Sweden, it’s a short train ride from Copenhagen. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s close to Holland and Northern Germany – and we were blown away at how well located it was.

Finally, the selfish bit for DWG is that we all love Sweden and Malmo looked like a great place to hang out, work and bring out community across Europe together. If you are going to open a base in the EU, choose somewhere you love.

What are DWGs plans to do in the region?
– Two strands: one is to use Malmo as a base to continue to extend our clients, members, partners and team across Scandinavia given the depth of digital ambitions in the region. Also to use as global home for our technology advisory services, with a global team connecting through Malmo both in person and virtually.

And when I think of it the thing is to ‘be open and respond to what happens’ so we allow this new centre – alongside New York and London – to shape us as a location. Our view through our ‘Nature of Work’ approach is that all organizations are alive and DWG as a living system can grow and evolve, as the region we are grateful to have found a new ‘home from home’ in develops through the 2020s – which we have dubbed as the ‘Decade of Courage’.

We at Mindpark say Welcome Home DWG, to both the city of Malmö and to Mindpark – we hope you’ll thrive here!