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Coworking guide

Welcome to mindpark hyllie

First of all: we are so happy to welcome you to the Mindpark community.

Our philosophy is to focus on the individuals that are a part of Mindpark, and we aim to create workspaces where our community can thrive and do epic things. Our community is our biggest asset and we love to see how it evolves continuously. So, feel free to ask for help. Brag when things are going well or just come hang out when you need someone to talk to. But first, we ask you to read through this guide that includes all the stuff you need to know. Together we create the best workspace possible! 💛

Join our slack

We have gathered all our coworkers in a big, happy Slack community. By now you should have access to the Slack Workspace. If not ask the reception and they will help you. The workspace you will join is called Mindpark Coworkers. You will automatically be added to our shared channels. For your specific site channel you just search for #hyllie and join.

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