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Coworking in Malmö

At Mindpark we value the spirit of community and creativity. The companies here are amongst the top in their respective fields – such as IT, communication services, graphic design, legal advice, life science or groundbreaking startups. At Mindpark Malmö Hyllie we offer around 1500 sqm of offices and desks, for both smaller companies as well as one-man businesses and entrepreneurs.

Commuter friendly

Mindpark Malmö Hyllie is located in the center of the new and vibrant city district, Hyllie. Fully developed, Hyllie will accommodate nine thousand homes and the same number of jobs. Mindpark Malmö Hyllie is located only a three minute walk from the train station in Hyllie. Within 10 minutes by train from Malmö Central Station and Copenhagen Airport, Hyllie will be a commuter friendly and urban business district.

Award winning coworking space

In 2019 we was awarded Best Coworking Space in Sweden and Best Coworking Space in the Nordics by Nordic Start Up Awards. Our Coworking Space has also been named one of the 11 most exotic coworking spaces in the world. In 2020 we are one of the top 6 finalist of Global Start up Award for Best Coworking Space in the world.

Our community

At Mindpark we are all part of a community. We arrange breakfasts, lunches, and after-works for our members. We would almost do anything to broaden our coworker’s network and knowledge! Do you wish to become a part of the Mindpark coworking community? Just contact us for more information!

We also aim to build a strong community throughout the region. All of our coworkers will have access to use our venues in each city and we work with knowledge sharing in different ways.

Office spaces

We offer a wide range of different office spaces depending on your needs. Check below to see a full listing of our various types of office spaces.

Get access to all our locations!

Included in the price is also that you get access to our other locations! If you want to work from there one day, or if you need to have a meeting there! We want to tie Skånes business scene closer together, so enabling you to use all our locations in central Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg as well is something we are proud off.

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