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Are you looking for modern and different conference roooms or meeting rooms in Malmö? We offer complete solutions with:

It is possible to book conferences for half a day, an entire day or on an hourly basis. We help you book and plan your event and will do our utmost to make your conference a unique and exciting experience. 

Only 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport

Hyllie station is only 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport with the train and from Hyllie station it is a three minutes walk to Mindpark. We have many fun and inspirings alternatives for meeting rooms that are perfect for both smaller meetings as well as larger conferences. Our largest hall can fit up to 100 people and can be adapted to many different needs since it is also possible to rent the entire top floor for larger events.

These rooms are supplemented by several smaller rooms in different & vibrant colors that are ideal for board meetings, workshops, brainstorming session or other activities. They have even been used as podcast studios!

Rooftop with a splendid view 

In addition to the conference & meeting rooms we also have a larger area for events. This area is located on our top floor with a large terrace that has a fanastic view over the Öresund Bridge and its surroundings. This area is ideal for corporate events, larger conferences or perhaps after-work with key partners.

But above all, our focus is on ensuring that you as a guest get an excellent service and have smooth meetings, talks, lectures or whatever you prefer – without having to worry about the details more than you wish.

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Are you looking for conference & meeting rooms in Lund or Helsingborg instead?

We also have venues in Lund and Helsingborg which can be used for both smaller and larger conferences and events. Here you can find more information about our meeting & event rooms in Lund and Helsingborg.

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