Healthy and fun food!

In our bistro and café you can take a coffee break with your colleagues, have lunch, study for a test, have a meeting or just bump into someone you have not met before. Our menu is filled with healthy, fun and tasty foods that will help your brain stay focused all day.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is served every weekday from 11.30 to 13.00
Our café is open 08.00 – 17.00

Monday Oct 19

Italian meatballs in tomato sauce served with spaghetti 99:-

Soup of the week: Creamy mushroom 75:-

Tuesday Oct 20

Fish taco with mango salsa, black rice and crushed nachos 109:-

Soup of the week: Creamy mushroom 75:-

Wednesday Oct 21

Indian stew served with yoghurt and rice 99:-

Salad with black rice, veggies, chevre, roasted pumpkin seeds and truffle creme 89:-

Soup of the week: Creamy mushroom 75:-

Thursday Oct 22

Salmon, spring onion hollandaise sauce and potatoes 109:-

Soup of the week: Creamy mushroom 75:-

Friday Oct 23

It´s rescued. With love.

Including freshly baked baguette with whipped burnt butter & coffee or tea.

We always serve a variety of sandwiches, toasts, smoothies, breakfast, coffee and fika all day. Because of our commitment to being sustainable, we focus mainly on vegetarian dishes but offer non-vegetarian options as well. All of our coffee alternatives are Fairtrade.

See you!