It’s 2022 and this year Helsingborg will host the H22 City Expo, an international event which will explore the newest innovations and smartest ideas for a city, while putting people and the planet first. This spectacular event will run from May 30 to July 03, 2022 across various locations in Helsingborg. 

At Open Space Mindpark we love people, creativity and testing new ideas, for this reason, we will host several events and activities together with collaborators. We believe that together we can achieve reality-based change that makes a real difference. 

Introducing – Open22 – a special edition of our Open Space. We want people to come together and test, dare and do. We want to provide a space to you who wants to try something new in the areas of creativity, entrepreneurship or sustainability. If you would like to host an event or an activity which is open for all, we will provide you the space free of charge. Here are a few examples of what you can do, but the possibilities are endless. 

Lunch Talks : Eating is always a good excuse to get together. Our Lunch Talks usually take place at the big stairs by our cafe around noon. Why not use this time to either learn something new or share your ideas in a fun casual way? Share your ideas and we will book a space for you.

We have had tons of lunch talks and some of the recent ones include: How not to make a short film in Helsingborg (Hussain Currimbhoy), Storytelling, voice variation, improvisation and public speaking (Ricardo Koanuka), How AI can promote gender equality (Moa Persdotter) and so much more!

Pop-up counseling: Right now we have experts in law, tech, entrepreneurship, communication, accounting, international connections in Helsingborg and so much more sharing their knowledge and advice to all those interested. We call this “Open Sessions”, that can take place either in a digital or physical format. If groups are not your forte, these one-on-one sessions might be the platform for you to share your experience.

Exhibition booths: Mindpark’s indoor facilities are open and staffed all weekdays during the entire H22 City Expo. Do you want to host a booth or exhibition during the Expo? Let us know and we will share what we still have available.

Workshops: Want to host a workshop or a Masterclass and need space? Contact us! We love sessions where people get to interact with others and also learn something new. 

Interested? Reach out to us on with either your idea, query or to book a meeting for more information. We know our community is filled with wonderful passionate people and we want the world to see it!