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Mindpark Helsingborg selected Members Choice Award 2019

We are humbled that coworker.com has selected us as Member Choice Awards Winner 2019! This is an award based on reviews and the community. Being supported by our community and coworkers in this way is, of course, something we find super awesome! Now we are not just Swedens (and the Nordics) best coworking space and one of the most exotic coworking spaces in the World, but also recognized by the global coworker.com. Want to become part of our community? Become a coworker, or host an event at our place, or just hang out at our café and open space!

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Mindpark Helsingborg best coworking in the Nordics

mindpark firar bäst i norden

We are happy that Mindpark has been selected as the best coworking space in not just Sweden, but in the entire Nordics, by the Nordic Startup Awards. “As the price is selected by votes, we could not have won this without the support from our coworkers and the community. That Mindpark has recived this award is a sign that we are loved by our members and coworkers, that’s what really warms our hearts!” Helene Tigerström, CEO Our focus is on more than coworking. We are building our community on conferences, meetings and events as well. With experience in this area…

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Mindpark Helsingborg is expanding – again!

En ritning över Mindpark

The coworking trend is here to stay! More and more coworking spaces are opening up at new locations and companies are seeing the benefits of hiring a full-service office hotel – so they can focus on their core business.  The coworkers of Mindpark are happy, and we have had the challenge and pleasure of having full occupancy at our coworking space for a long time. Therefore, we are now delighted to announce that we are expanding with seventeen new offices in connection with our existing popular premises on Bredgatan 11. Some of them will be a bit bigger than our…

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89 Life Hacks från ledare

På Mindpark i Helsingborg startades för ett tag sedan ett nytt nätverk, med syfte att prata ledarskapsfrågor, på ett lite djupare sätt än vanligt. Denna gruppen, som varit väldigt självorganiserande, har fått namnet Ledarskapsforum. Senaste träffen var om temat “Life hacks”. En träff som utöver en massa intressanta detaljer och inspel även resulterade i en lång lista med olika knep, tips och insikter som deltagarna har testat eller använder! Att dela med sig av denna lista känns som något som kan komma många till nytta, och därför detta inlägg. Listan blev rätt lång, och några punkter är mer självklara och…

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Tips from an entrepreneur: How to handle setbacks


We often host events here at Mindpark, at the Open Space. Recently the Breakfast & Ideas events, held here once a month, had Sofia Englund as a guest. After the event, Asta Nordlund from VentureLab asked her about her start as an entrepreneur, and advices she had for others about overcoming setbacks. Sofia Englund runs the travel agency TravelResearch, that offers travel experiences to Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Dubai. She is also a former student from Lund University and studied the program Service Management with a focus on tourism. Having run her business for several years now, Sofia has…

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