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How colour affects our mood!


We decided to upgrade our rooms with some lovely colours! Are you planning a creative workshop or an inspirational lecture? Or are you in the starting pits of a new project that requires concentration and productivity? At Mindpark Helsingborg you’ll find the perfect meeting room for you no matter what! Sometime during this fall, we decided to bring some colours to our meeting rooms. Why you might ask. It is said that different colours affect how we think, feel and act and we always want you to have the best experience while you are at ours. Are you curious to…

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Another great year has passed, filled with both big and small changes. Here are some reflections and highlights from us. Enjoy! Community & Coworking This year our community grew even bigger when Mindpark opened in both Malmö and Lund. With twenty-three offices in Malmö, seventeen in Lund and forty-five in Helsingborg we are now able to house more companies and people than ever. We are continuously striving to make people connect by offering venues in southern Sweden’s three biggest cities. For our coworkers in Helsingborg, this means that they have access to workplaces in two new cities and even more…

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Join our team!


Vi söker just nu en ny härlig teammedlem som älskar att laga mat! Du kommer främst att arbeta i vårt café. Dina huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter är i vårt kök. Här skapar du härliga sallader, läckra smörgåsar och smaskiga röror till vårt café. Här förbereder och levererar du även fika och lunch till våra konferensgäster. Det är en rörlig roll där du växlar ditt arbete mellan köket och att ute i caféet för att ge bästa möjliga service till våra gäster. Är du en av dem som kommer att bjuda på en av Mindparks berömda Cafe Lattes? Känner du igen dig? – Du…

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Mindpark Helsingborg selected Members Choice Award 2019

We are humbled that coworker.com has selected us as Member Choice Awards Winner 2019! This is an award based on reviews and the community. Being supported by our community and coworkers in this way is, of course, something we find super awesome! Now we are not just Swedens (and the Nordics) best coworking space and one of the most exotic coworking spaces in the World, but also recognized by the global coworker.com. Want to become part of our community? Become a coworker, or host an event at our place, or just hang out at our café and open space!

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Mindpark Helsingborg best coworking in the Nordics

mindpark firar bäst i norden

We are happy that Mindpark has been selected as the best coworking space in not just Sweden, but in the entire Nordics, by the Nordic Startup Awards. “As the price is selected by votes, we could not have won this without the support from our coworkers and the community. That Mindpark has recived this award is a sign that we are loved by our members and coworkers, that’s what really warms our hearts!” Helene Tigerström, CEO Our focus is on more than coworking. We are building our community on conferences, meetings and events as well. With experience in this area…

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