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THE YEAR 2020 – MINDPARK HELSINGBORG Another (very different) year has passed, filled with both big and small changes. Here are some reflections, ups and downs from us. Enjoy! Community och Coworking Mindparks purpose is to create wonderful places where people and companies can meet to grow and evolve. In 2020 everyone was asked not to be at our workplace. So how can you create a wonderful place when people were not supposed to be there? We were simply forced to find other solutions. And we did! We created numerous online events such as our online Kafferep (coffee party) where…

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Get wiser during lunch

How about adding some wisdom to your lunch? At Mindpark we have Wisdom Lunch. Wisdom Lunch is where we share some knowledge, big or small. An easy going talk from us to you. Currently we do them digitally, in the past and in the future we do them at Mindpark in Helsingborg. Positive vibes needs to be spread, that’s how they grow! So here’s Cecilia A. Liwlig and Hussain Churrimbhoy. Maybe you have something to share too? If you would like to participate in Wisdom Lunch contact mary@mindpark.se

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Making a Good Impression: Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Bilden visar Ana Devdariani

Making a good first impression can be crucial to anyone, but it’s especially so for entrepreneurs and those working in startups and small businesses. So how do you make a lasting impression, and even, how do you make sure you are remembering and registering all the connections you meet? We spoke recently with Ana Devdariani, an expert in networking, whose people skills and conversation tactics have led to fulfilling personal and professional opportunities. Says Ana: “I believe in networthing – making lasting connections by being fully present and invested in the people I meet. Whether I go for a casual,…

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Hello Yellow

Is it an art installation? Or is it just our new super cool chairs? Anyway, they’re from Trademax!Also just wanted to let you know that we are serving some delicious food and coffee in our café. We’d love to have you!

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