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At Open Space Mindpark we have space for art. We exhibit all kinds of creativity, in all kinds of expressions. It’s free the exhibit and free to visit. Here art can inspire and meet a great mix of people, can’t get enough of that! Do you want to have an exhibition here? Contact us!

Pencil drawings | Korede Solaja

Welcome to Open Space Mindpark in November for an exhibition by newly arrived artist Korede Solaja. Korede besides being a student of Strategic Communication at Lund University is also an art lover, pro photographer, music lover & a football aficionado. Art for me is the highest form of expressing emotions, it encapsulates its audience with a set of unique interpretation & connectivity, says Korede. He adds, “I’ve always loved the pencil as my medium since childhood & the many shades that can be created through it & thus my creations.”


Monthly exhibition: November, 2022

WIMMELBILDER | Exhibition by: Brenna Maeve

Brenna Maeve is an American illustrator who moved to Sweden. She tries to express a childlike playfulness to her work that allows the viewer to feel a sense of warmth and joy.
Her art is meticulous with incredible sense of life and details. Since she also have a form of Aphantasia, which makes it difficult for her to visualize things in her mind, it makes things even more intriguing.



Monthly exhibition: May 

KIYV'S DEER | Exhibition by: Oleksandr Kaliberda

Oleksandr Kaliberda is from Ukraine and works as a motion designer in the advertising industry. This exhibition shows comics and is a set of small portions of dopamine. They are a way to present a bit of joyfulness to the people. The exhibition is interactive, so you can express yourself in a creative way and share it with another person.

Monthly exhibition: April

VARDAGEN | Exhibition by: Filip Rahim Hansson

Filip Rahim Hansson, street artist and represented in a number of different exhibitions, most recently at Limhamn’s art gallery. He has participated in several different projects with, for example, Malmö Opera, MKB Fastighets AB, Ung Malmö to name just a few. Filip is a very active creative person who shows great commitment to the world around him. Now he invites you to an exhibition about everyday naivety.

Monthly exhibition: December & January 

RETROSPECTETT | Jonas Stojiljkovic Pedersen

Jonas Stojiljkovic Pedersen is uneducated and has zero color theory – but perhaps that fact is his strength in an otherwise mundane art climate. He comes from Helsingborg but has Malmö as his base today. You probably know his creations from before, since Stojiljkovic has many years behind him as a tattoo artist. Stojiljkovic himself has both a tattoo studio and an art studio in central Malmö.

Monthly exhibition: November

TRANSPARENT VEGETATION | Exhibition by: Madeleine Svedlund

Madeleine Svedlund has studied fine arts at Lunnevads Folkhögskola and graphic design visual communication at Östra Grevie. A lot of her imagery focuses on details, composition and complementary color. She continually explores the social relationships between people and characteristic animals, as they often portraits in an environment with greenery vegetation.

Monthly exhibition: October

Celebrating Viqueens: an exhibition w. designer Åsa Trulsson

Designer Åsa Trulsson, founded her company Soldiser to revive these heroic women. Åsa is a political scientist and has previously worked as a diplomat at Swedish embassies in the Middle East and in the Balkans. Now she devotes herself wholeheartedly to her great passion: the women of Norse mythology.

Visit her website for more info!

10th March 2020-
24th April 2020

Sleepyhead a photography exhibition - Sanja Matoničkin

The photographer and artist Sanja Matoničkin (1971) is fascinated by man’s inner unprocessed darkness and often works with subjects such as mental illness, fears, loneliness and alienation. She’s living in Helsingborg and has roots in Croatia.

At this exhibition, she will showcase three photo exhibitions.
Sleepyhead consisting of staged images that deal with social phobia. Staged stories are staged photographs with a dark undertone.Pärlan i pölen presenting Helsingborg from a different point of view.

Visit her website for more info!

4th December 2019 –
30th January 2020

And along came the Crumelurs - Cathrin Frisemo

“The first Crumelur appeared in a hotel room when drawing while talking on the phone – as I usually do i.e. phone doodle.
I had just bought some new pens and was playing around, and since then the Crumelurs appears as soon as I sit down to draw.”

In her day-to-day she works is as a mentor, connector and investor within the southern Sweden startup ecosystem, as well as in Europe and now moving into Africa.

Check-out her LinkedIn!

6th November –
29th November 2019

Exhibition w. Håkan Henrysson

A part of the project “Vem har rätt att kalla sig konstnär?”

Håkan finds inspiration for his art from music, art, poetry and he mostly focuses on abstract painting as well as sculpture and photography. He is self-taught and has been doing art for about 10 years. Before that, was working a decade in the manufacturing industry, but wanted to move on from the one-sided work and sought for something more stimulating. He started a librarian education at the University of Borås but unfortunately became ill.

30th September – 31st October 2019

Sleepyhead a photography exhibition - Sanja Matoničkin

Besides Ingelas profession as a graphic designer, she devotes herself to the art of painting. The paintings are growing happy to jazz- and salsa music, bossa nova and soul. Often surrounded by beautiful environments and with passion for nature experiences.

Ingela combines the artistry with market-related assignments and graphic design. She has acquired painting skills from several art schools and gained lessons from artists in her vicinity.

You find her art here

19th August – 26th September 2019

Own pictures & other peoples words & sentences - Helena Taps

Helena Taps, lives in Helsingborg. She paint what comes out. Mostly abstract. Usually, she connects texts that she listens to and paints from that, hence “Own pictures & other peoples words and sentences”.

She paints with everything possible such as mixed art and in all possible sizes. Most are larger paintings on canvas with acrylic paint and mixed media but she likes to use watercolour crayons, ink and ink on rice paper or other paper.

Take look at her website!

13th May – 16th August 2019

En familjevän knackar på - Edin Tucalija

What happens to us when we lose someone or something? Such a change can be brutal, but it can give birth to something new. And what happens while we are processing the loss? With what do we fill the absence of the lost? Is there a balance in what happens? In our relationships? In people who come and people who leave? In houses that burn down and lakes that reflect? In dividing lines that unite?

Edin Tucalija did exhibit his paintings, drawings, poetry and design. During the exhibition, he also organized a live painting and a poetry evening.

9th April – 10th May 2019


A mini-exhibition about the air we breathe - Lindab Innovation

Indoor Climate – it concerns us all!

We care about the food we eat, what we drink and having a healthy and active lifestyle. We also care about climate change and energy consumptions, but we spend about 90% of our time indoors. So, why do we not care more about the indoor air we breathe?

Learn more about the indoor climate and how your daily actions impact your well-being during this exhibition.

The exhibition is hosted by Lindab Group. They currently opened their innovation hub at Mindpark Helsingborg.

8th March – 4th April, 2019

Under träden - Henriette Udsen

Henriette Udsen is a freelance illustrator.

“As a visual artist, I focus on children`s literature. I am passionate about children`s own creativity and imagination. I get my inspiration from nature and love to draw plants, animals and insects. My passion is for hand-made, detailed work which is both beautiful but has a sense of playfulness and humour. I create my work by first-hand drawing and watercolour and then developing them further in Corel Photo-Paint and Corel-Draw. I love the unpredictable watercolour which cannot be completely controlled and rarely change something with digital means.” Visit her website for more info!

7th February – 7th March 2019

It’s all about Design – Design Exhibition & Pop-up Design Studio

…with Öresund Strategy & Design!

This exhibition is showing a wide variety of design projects from sketches to models and prototypes to final products. You’ll find Marie Nilsson from Öresund Strategy & Design at the exhibition from time to time!

“Companies that have increased investment in design is growing faster. The exports increase more and innovation is five times greater in companies that are actively working with design.”

3rd December – 15th January 2018-2019


Ät mig! An Exhibition by Grönsaksbaletten

A fruitful exhibition that awakens your green lust!

Grönsaksbalettens exhibition “Ät mig!” (eat me!) is a colourful public health science exhibition about fruits and vegetables based on modern scientific research. Through informative textile installations with accompanying text, the work of fruits and vegetables is explained inside the body.

What is actually happening in our body and mind when we eat products from the plant kingdom, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes? In what way can products from this colourful kingdom benefit our health?

16th October – 27th November, 2018

Kristina Weberg exhibition

“I am a Swedish artist, born and raised abroad. So far, I have lived on three continents in eight different countries. I speak five different languages and I love meeting people. I am a graphic designer and freelance as such. “I create, therefore I am” could be my motto. I love to create. I love the process: finding inspiration and then seeing where my creativity takes me. Creating art, for me, is like taking a journey; you never know how or where the journey will take you, which is what makes it so exciting. I paint in both oil and acrylics, and I also draw motifs with an archival pen.”

Take a look at her webpage!

3rd September – 12th October 2018


…..men det krävdes en långtidsvistelse i Las Vegas, Stockholm och Visby innan jag såg den på “riktigt”. Nu stannar jag upp, super in & glädjs över att ha Kärnan & andra mästerverk tätt inpå” – C.Brüggmann.

In this series of paintings, Catharina Brüggmann focuses on the fun, festive, beautiful, easy-going and loving Helsingborg in the form of well-known buildings, boats, etc. Helsingborg in the heart! You’ll find more info about her here!

2nd May – 31st August 2018



The Archives of a Dying Planet

From a former art project at Munka Folkhögskola, Cecilia was looking at material destroying our planet.

20th April – 2nd May 2017

Exhibition by Mikael Ernhake!

On a trip to Island Mikael took some beautiful pictures! This became the start of his social media influencing.

Take look at his Instagram!

February – March 2017

"Möt vår verklighet"

Värmestugan Helsingborg


With a disposable camera, 20 people living in alienation Helsingborg were allowed to document their everyday lives. Get an insight into their life in Helsingborg and meet their reality.

After three weeks of successful exhibition at the Library in Helsingborg, the exhibition continues at Mindpark <3

April – June 2017

"Jag älskar mig"

Johannes Hedberg Gymnasiet Helsingborg 

As a final exam project, four students at Johannes Hedberg Gymnasiet in Helsingborg made a photo exhibition aiming to get young people to understand that they are not alone hating different parts of their bodies. The models got to paint the parts of their body they don’t like and the photos were later exhibited at Open Space Mindpark.

January – February 2017