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Offices 1-4 people

Offices for 1-4 people?

Our offices are located in a bright and modern environment filled with a bunch of bright and wonderful companies! We have offices for 1 person up to 4 persons, or even bigger. The rooms are rented unfurnished so you can adapt them however you want to suit your function, needs, and style! But of course, you can rent furniture from us if you want to.

Included in your office:


Notice: 3 months

Breakfast: Want to include daily breakfast? Add 1000 SEK/ month /person

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Looking for a new office? We've got you covered!

22 sqm, 11,215 SEK

Available from: 2022-01-01

A great corner office in our popular the purple area

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40 sqm, 16,995 SEK

Available from: 2021-07-01

One of our bigger offices is avaliable!

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18 sqm, 8,295 SEK

Available from: 2022-03-01

In our popular purple area there is one bigger office available.

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8 sqm, 4,650 SEK

Available from: 2022-02-01

A perfect room for one person.

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